World War 3 Mod: Minecraft Rival Rebels Mod Showcase! Nukes & Capture the Flag!


Our server public : Site Mod -Pack : our Texture Pack : http : // goo . gl / io6Ow Mod downloads: …


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  1. There was no battle and you didn't do the full power of the nuke

  2. aden vaughn says:

    I like it wen the had a battel at the end

  3. i made a bigger explosion with the same mod new launcher i will do
    a toturial go download the new 1.6.4 and get the mods.

  4. leo valdez says:

    U shoul have nuked the base in the end and have the dome seeled from the out side

  5. gogo lendoo says:

    this shit crashes my minecraft

  6. Shift and left click on it

  7. Aiden Osborn says:

    i got the mod and theres more to it

  8. James Long says:

    try the tsar bomba look up how to make it

  9. CKS CM says:

    i wooda used a bow on boss

  10. Kyle Chen says:

    Prun!world war III is real!

  11. Maria Albert says:

    Bro just show us the stuff don't talk so much cause some people get bored of listening to a guy saying every single detail FYI I'm not a hater

  12. Ik Eri says:

    But joe cheated

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