World War 3 – Motive For Economic Collapse


take your money out of the Ponzi scheme ! In today’s video , Christopher Greene explains …


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  1. MikeM6778 says:

    Won't jump to the Jew theory but Lukie was correct geographically haha. Richard just wanted to say it was funny and ironic that you mentioned 'him admitting to God' and 'the world being flat joke' together, since the religious fanatics were the ones that originally denied that the earth was round, even though that was only speculation haha

  2. MikeM6778 says:

    He dropped like, 50 solutions at the end of the video.

  3. All we do is talk, we a leader

  4. B=basterd
    I=In holocoster
    fcuk u BIBI

  5. This bloke has hit the nail right on the head WAKE UP people.

  6. zimri19 says:

    3:50 "you know, people are dying in syria, so we should go over and kill even more of them" lol epic quote. sadly it's painfully accurate.

  7. when i woke up , i found myself on a scuttled ship, the fat rats had already jumped off . so -in dire straits, middle of a storm, rocky shores ahead ,sharks circling..i was thinking ,,is there any rum around?

  8. Manuel M says:

    We're all fucked.

  9. Joe Eoj says:

    Zeitgeist is part of the 1 world government folks and pagan mystery religions people

    U need to wake up

  10. Awesome Chris!!!
    I've been telling people the same thing concerning what would happen if we as a people started being content with what we have and stop buying the latest Camero, or BMW or Cadillac. The banks wound crumble because every new car we get: if we don't buy it with cash in full, we are getting a loan WITH INTEREST!!!

  11. Jesus Lopez says:

    The Islamic NWO is a much bigger threat to the world……all you retards are focused on the Rothschilds but you have NO IDEA who the Jafari family is.(who controls Iran and 300 million muslims–no big deal)

  12. muslim Jesus says:

    -The Zionist International Bankers are the monsters that have been at war with mankind since before Jesus Christ walked the earth. The Jewish religion is the impetus behind all of the wars of the world and the destruction of white nations. READ: "The Controversy of Zion" by Douglas Reed and the "Protocols of Zion". The Jews are as Jesus told them; of their father the devil. They are of the bloodline of Cain. There will never be any peace in this world until the Jews are removed from banking.

  13. muslim Jesus says:

    -The world has shifted to zionist’s fascism. Those with money and power have concentrated their money and power even more through the systematic corruption & subterfuge of the political system. They then get laws that favor THEM, passed by their puppets in government that they got "elected" such as AIPAC LOBBY, all the while making it look like the people elected the politicians. They then maintain control through strong-arm tactics by the cops & military that are THEIR personal guard dogs.

  14. muslim Jesus says:

    -Good Americans and westerners wake up! don’t let satanic lobbies fooling you. you are supporting a corrupted bible which have been trans graced altered centuries ago by evil Zionist Jews to serve their worldly interests and prepare you to be deceived by their coming antichrist (the dajjal) who will impersonate the true messiah ,Jesus peace and blessing be upon him and all prophets of ALLAH, and soon will rule the world from Israel ,the impostor state.(from a Muslim brother).

  15. I think Bibi is god in some cultures also baba… so King Bibi… Exalt no man!

  16. dude u should have been on ron pauls campaign team

  17. setsebbati says:

    Sheeple who needs em ? Governments !!!

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