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  1. I can not stand that damn Korean man,,I wish one of his bombs would just take off n turn around on him and blow him up! He's playing games and he's been g set ting away with it for too long. He's killing off our fish and everything in that precious water!

  2. MIQU MIQU says:

    Remembering ….in every prayer!

  3. 09roleplayer says:


  4. The coupe attempt planned by the US to topple another country; Turkey. What in the world are we doing as a country? We have no business doing any of this. There has to be a diabolical agenda working in the U.S. now that doesn't represent what America stands for. Are we becoming the axis of evil with these blood baths and killing fields? Now we have wicked and a mental case Clinton attempting to start World War III if she gets into office. Our country 's government has turned into a bunch of warmongers. God help us.

  5. flu dog says:

    I wish one of OBAAAAMA's bombs would turn around and hit him. OBAAAMA equal MASS MURDER

  6. flu dog says:


  7. Nobody really needs religion. It's for people who can't think for themselves, who think a higher being will come to their aid. That hasn't happened in the last world wars and it will not happen now. We, the people, must take action and remove the people from power who would start a nuclear war.

  8. wtf is up with the audio

  9. Jeff Mad says:

    There will be no first strike no winnable war, And yet the world still chooses to ignore,
    Can they not see, Can they not feel, This true and present danger which is terribly real,
    Stand up and have your say! And yell it out loud if you must, But don't let the U.S,
    turn our world into dust.

  10. propaganda again,,, usa responsible for Kelling the people around the world, creating problem ever corner of the world,, usa +Saudi Arabia and Israel and Turkey and ghatar =isis

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