World War 3 | Nato Ready to Battle Russia | WW3 Imminent


WW3 WW3 – NATO is ready to take Russia as demonstrated in an exercise in Eastern Europe for World War 3. NATO Exercise Steadfast Javelin II …


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  1. AngryBear360 says:

    I'm pretty sure all the people on this wall supporting Russia are like paid to do this, or bots. They all have shit grammar, and they make no sense! xD They're like "Russia and China beat USA" when they don't realize we have an infinite number of allies….. Seriously??? Put this in perspective, 2-4 super powers, and a whole lot of other nations, VS Russia, China, maybe India…

  2. go russia greece with you fuck nato

  3. pancho villa says:

    Nato?????? Hahaahahahah viva la madre rusa. Putin

  4. benozzy003 says:

    War is imminent and on its way do not underestimate those we fight for they to have the will to fight 

  5. Sean Quinn says:

    Wow the russian propaganda army is all over this comment thread. They dont even know what state their military is in. They believe whatever their state security apparatus tells them to believe. Quite sad really. I hope nobody is that stupid to believe russia wouldn't be totally destroyed in a war with NATO. Even if they won they'd lose. But ignorance is bliss to the drunk peasant russian, who has little choice in anything anyways.

  6. Sean Quinn says:

    Reading the russian comments here should give NATO assurance of victory. Such an ignorant people cant possible win. They say how easily they'd win even though outnumbered and technologically inferior. With less then 30% of the air power but no problem they say. Ignorance is bliss indeed. yet disgusting.

  7. Wesly Burton says:

    All I can say is yeha 

  8. All what Russia need today is high quality and well executed kick in the ass.

  9. The Russians are killing innocent citizens in Ukraine . And Russian citizens don't see what's going on.And how Ukraine is suffering there only making this worse and now the NATO is teaming up against Russia .????????????????

  10. Exti says:

    You americans hambutgers will lose

  11. nero1988 says:

    West last stand against Mordor forces xD

  12. ant1pod says:

    we all need an external enemy and it should be aliens. only this scenario will save the earth from nuclear ww3

  13. Mat G says:


  14. Kaius Cezar says:

    Russian propaganda. 

    there will be no war. Russia is near bankruptcy.

  15. Goran S says:

    Well NATO supports Ukrainian fascists to massacre Russian people and closing in on Russia, but they are just pussies, not going in war themselves. Although I don't understand all you racist supremacists cheering for Great USA. Russia has 8000 nuclear bombs and rockets, that means NO winner.

  16. hell 0 says:

    Deploying these new expensive toys to Russias border won't really scare them, in fact Russia could cripple NATO's  pretty boy conventional capabilities with unstoppable intermediate range missiles in less than one hour. Russia has mastered Missiles and Rockets. They knew from the start that missiles would be the weapons of the future, and now they're the best at building them. U.S./NATO's fragile crystal made F-22's and aircraft carriers will have 0% chance of success against the Russian military because of asymmetric warfare.

  17. Fuck off You dead cunts!!! Fuck America, You will die out soon Idiots!

  18. OK Russia…Let's go!

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