World War 3 Near as U S Military making moves in Europe John Kerry’s shocking admission!


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  1. Marauderson says:

    this is bull…why desert camouflage? if they intend to go into action wouldn't they at least paint the equipment for winter camo?

  2. Yeah no, the military doesn't change a lightbulb with any expedience.

  3. Dave Kay says:

    The war and regime change threats against Syria, Russia, Iran and Lybia are all designed to force those last countries into the NWO Central Bank System. The NWO is severely threatened by Trump, Brexit and other turns of fortune generally tending to oppose Globalism. If Trump is inaugurated, they may have lost — watch for an assassination. They are desperate, 90% toward destroying the Global economy, which they have planned for, and intend to happen. They want depopulation, sovereignty over, and enslavement of the world. Too much information, or I must be nuts, right? Take a closer look.

  4. Forget the camp colts I want to
    No if Russia attacks Greece from the rear will Greece help hmm I wonder deep deep thoughts

  5. Camo colors I can't turn off my spell check I hate it

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