World War 3 !!! North Korea Orders Rockets on Standby. March 2013


North Korea south Korea united states china world war 3 . .



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  1. Bangin4God says:

    Reptile. Look at his teeth.

  2. His eyebrows scare me…

  3. shut the fuck up we are at war dum ass

  4. Who the fuck are these clowns and what credentials do they have to be speaking on military subjects which they have no comprehension of? B-52 Stratofortresses did not carpet bomb North Korea during the Korean War. The B-52 did not enter service until 1955, 2 years after hostilities ceased.

  5. n korea is harmless—nothing but saber rattling. cnn spreading more disinformation.

  6. John Carter says:


  7. Sally White says:

    So S.Koreans are not the same people as North Koreans lol they rather go against each other than to join forces and be much more powerful.?

  8. Kim yung chang mwang hyimg yang chinog twat face can barely build a metal shed let alone a nuke

  9. you know whats sad?…their missiles can barely reach my country the US but with one push of a button our missle can wipe them out in a nightmarish way. why do you think Russia dont play with us like that? ITS SUICIDE! for all those living here in the US against america youre idiots too because if somethin does happen what do you think is going to happen to you and your family? this isnt the year 4000 where we have force fields and crap. nuclear strike talk is serious^^ no restart button

  10. I hope when this is all over AMERICA WILL STAY THE FUCK OUT OF OTHER COUNTRIES BUSINESS……im pretty sure if THe US and Russia were about to come to nuclear blows hardly NON OF EM would step up

    a lot of us american citizens are sick of that shit seriously!

  11. why would north korea tell us where they would attack?

  12. kim jon un must not like ruiling if hes gonna sacrafice his country to u.s

  13. Martin James says:

    You do know he's new, don't you? Probably not, as you don't even know his name. Very little was known of him, even in North Korea, let alone outside until his father picked him as his successor in place of the expected son.

    So how can you say "NEVER"? New kid, no substantial track record.

    The rest of your post is no doubt equally well informed.

  14. MrQuick875 says:


  15. Because, he's at least honest and also he's threatening us

  16. This is all war propaganda used to put fear Into the American people!! Do not take this as a form of war no leader would tell where he would attack matter of fact a real ruler would just attack and then explain later!!! Lies and propaganda that's the new!!

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