World War 3 : North Korea targeting US Bases, The Nuclear fuse has been lit (Mar 26, 2013)


SOURCE: http : //www.cnn .com News : North Korea issues new threat to US bases …


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  1. dpetrano says:

    BUSAN, Republic of Korea (March 20, 2013) Sailors aboard the Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Cheyenne (SSN 773) raise the ensign as the submarine arrives for a scheduled port visit to Busan. Cheyenne participated in the Foal Eagle 2013 naval exercise with allied nation Republic of Korea in support of regional security and stability of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Joshua B. Bruns/Released) 130320-N-TB410-441

  2. dpetrano says:

    USA can beat it's limpdick military regime and maybe take-over Grenada, but as it stands USA got its ASS KICKED in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    USA will regain its military greatness if and only if Bush, Cheney, Obama stand trial for WAR CRIMES AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. Until then, USA is rogue nation the same as Nazi Germany.

    USA no longer has the support of the people they occupy. Iraq is in tatters and their people will do everything in their power to revenge USA for generations to come.

  3. dpetrano says:

    "Warpath' is either a psychotic or profoundly ignorant in terms of grasping the size of Russia and/or China.

    USA got is ass kicked in Iraq and Afghanistan. China/Russia know this very well.

    One needs only to visit a nearby VA hospital and mingle w/ the guys/gals who served to learn how bad we were defeated in real terms during these perpetual phony wars on terror

    Re N. Korea, it is not fair that N. Koreans cannot share the wealth/riches that come from the Port of Busan.

  4. Sacred Light says:

    I can tell you I have enough expertise in politics and history to understand that a free market ends up as monopoly unless you force them to be free! or I can tell you just wait and see!
    your economy is in RUINS…

  5. theres Russia, a nation who by itself could become a continent, with 75% Ready to defend Russia, and China, with its smallest army containing 3Million men, a growing economy.. I think thats a superpower.

  6. No. Not really. the uk is also a superpower. lost two wars to you yanks, sur, but we beat you 3 times as well. yeah, ill bet you didnt know that, did you? our Nation has the worlds most feared navy, a revered Air force, and an overseas empire, the largest on earth ( Its not very big, but its still the largest empire still standing) and all your campains needed international support, which britain has always gven.Us relies on the UK. Plus, Russia and china are superpowers. look into it.

  7. only N.Korea is allies with China… so if they get attacked, China has to help, or they loose their credibility.

  8. Hello I am a 15 year old high school student north correa has threatened world peace and needs to be stopped the United States needs to declare war or this can be a retake of world war 2

  9. dpetrano says:

    Fight your own war. USA cannot even fund the money it takes to treat its wounded veterans in its 12-year phony war on terror.

    You can make peace by allowing N. Korea to share in the wealth and riches S. Korea earns from controlling the Port of Busan.

  10. why? Why should N Korea be allowed that? After all the threats, insults, and actual war 1950, why should they be allowed that?
    And the "Phony" War on terror? I havent seen a second 9/11, and i think we can call that a success.

  11. the us Would have a fighting Chance against Russia and China. Theyre mostly mOStly isolted, and the Us has many allies.

  12. There was a war in the caribbean. and, Cuba? like, 5 wars have been on down there.

  13. dpetrano says:

    9/11 was orchestrated by USGov. WTC-7 collapse is the smoking gun.

    Covert, false flag attacks and political assassinations in/on America are authorized under the National security Act of 1947. Operation GLADIO and Northwoods are a reality and were designated as authorized USA false Flag attacks.under the NSA Act of 1947.

    N. Korea will ALWAYS be poor/desperate as long as S. Korea controls the Port of Busan.

  14. john smith says:

    if you're female with big tits you're more than welcome

  15. ok, lets blame everything bad that happens on the USA.
    look, blowing up the WTC, and going into 2 wars, which totally fucked the economy, wouldnt be smart, now would it? now, how in gods name would any sane US president do that?
    And S.K Deserves to own that port. they took it when they were attacked. and, so we give it to N.K, then S.K becomes poor, but thats okay? mate, thats not how politics works.

  16. dpetrano says:

    False flag attacks and phony wars on terror that bust the overall economy is VERY SMART if you peddle goods and services to the military!!!

    Think of it, 12 years of phony war on terror, and the only ones with warehouses of cash are the companies that have peddled military/law enforcement stuff to USGov.

  17. yeah, welll that clearly hasnt happened. and think about it. if a few random people could figure to out if it were true, i think an entire foreign investigation team could figure it out, and that the UN would call them out on it.

  18. Mata Hari says:

    America's chickens are coming home to roost

  19. because the threat was directed at America although it would effect everyone close to America

  20. They do this every year cause NK wants more money… How many people missed that?

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