World War 3 : North Korea vows to engulf Washington D.C. in a sea of flames (Mar 07, 2013)


SOURCE: News : North Korea promises nuclear attack by the United States , saying that Washington will be ‘ swallowed in a sea of ​​fire ‘ …


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  1. Rawlin says:

    0:54 thats MW3 after you get picked up in the heli

  2. lol more like a cold battle with a strong country vs a bunch of people with guns that are led by a fat saussege 

  3. Jacob Watson says:

    So lets just say we decided to fire a nuke first…. couldnt we just bomb their silos? ad if they sent a nuke towards us, just intercept their nuke?

  4. Lol the North Korea didn't do it. I bet their little missiles are just a long strand of aluminum lol

  5. I'm a filipino, but I wish all of you americans a God Bless and may the lord help you all…

  6. I am Vietnamese and I am Asian but I live in USA. USA has better weapons than North Korea.

  7. Jemma Rixon says:

    usa biggest terrosist going bushs dad best mates wid da ladens how fuckedup is that fuck usa hope they get nuked killing kids in da middle east were was them  nukes in a Iraq  911 was a inside job endoff getten told straight by north korea fat cunts far out dude

  8. North Koreans still did not attack us it dec24 2014 still nothing

  9. BAGaming says:

    Please stop making fun and saying North Korea sucks or something like that, Ypur just asking them to ignite a war and for all of us to die!

  10. It's like a half retarded midget with one arm picking a fight with a football team. 

  11. KayKay X says:

    Why does the rest of the world still keep the North Korean government around? What possible use does anyone have for Kim Jong-un? This guy is the equivalent of a hot tempered 12 year old child. Or a fat ass lazy 31 year old kid who still lives with his parents and won't get a job. North Korea basically does nothing but mooch off China because they've created such a shit hole economy for themselves that it cannot sustain itself or be repaired without a major helping hand. What a joke.

  12. Tirrel Krow says:

    I wonder why USA still haven't eliminated completely Kim Jon Un's regime… it's like a human vs an ant

  13. Javier Oliva says:

    Mexico will be mad. Therefore no more gringos will be buying tons of cocaine and weed haahaba

  14. Royz View says:

    Send in a squad of crack troops to smack his ass, video it and put it on YouTube. I bet he'd scream like a girl LOL!

  15. I'm sorry but I just can't take the first part seriously, all I can think about is Brian rapping.

  16. daz knight says:

    And, since the leader of n korea is an icehole, the gods have shut ya down. Hows the weather been lately, dont get use to it. You need youre plant shut down before it kills youre people, mr. kim ung person. you will shut it down willingly or just one earthquake is all it takes, defend against that one… same with Iraq. They are in kahootz too.. use alternative power, or stop idle remarks and threats, that will only have youre country destroyed. Hows the carrots growing? Looks like Ceres, the Goddess of crops doesnt like you either. Watch it boy, little man…

  17. And the year is what? 2015?

  18. Adam Frew says:

    can anyone see how ridiculous this all sounds from both North Korea and from other nations, seriously sanctions for luxury goods, how pathetic is this from both sides. I will go back to conservation work now with even more content 🙂 We learn from nature and nature has told us for many years, that if you domesticate a animal it will remain in a juvenile state of being. 

  19. Always talking about nuclear. North Korea is bad but USA is worst.

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