World War 3 (Occupied America)


World War 3 is rampant around the world and in America is soon in a war for its very survival against Chinese hegemony and its allies . Pt1 of 2. NORTH …


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  1. Better calm down chink and stop begging for war. Without the fools in this country, you guys would still be starving. Japan, South Korea, Europe and The United States will crush you.

  2. No room to talk. You guys and your ally oppress your own people more than nearly anyone else in the world. Not to mention, you guys pollute and damage the world more than anyone else. You also need to stop breeding like out of control rabbits.

  3. Quit begging for war. Some "peacekeeper" you are with all these videos. You guys don't even produce any of your own military equipment but buy it from anyone else. If war does unfold because North Korean and Chinese belligerence, all the corporations and politicians responsible for arming China should be arrested for treason… if not more.

  4. Aliee M says:

    America was founded and became prosperous first by murdering Native Americans and theft of their land by euro colonialists; second, slavery

  5. On this how did Canada become apart of the US

  6. subscribe, the video solely on Canada will be coming out soon. I will answer that also

  7. tsak says:

    Peacekeeper76 which voice synthesizer do you use ?

  8. ram magsalin says:

    well,its good,but in asia,america wouldve nuked china already,plus the us armed forces are decades advanced than chinese will ever be,and with china economy unstable (they tax companies highly) this is highly unlikely

  9. James Gmes says:

    America was founded by strict Puritans from England that didn't think England was strict enough, the first parts colonized didn't even have any native Americans living there and slavery came some time after

  10. James Gmes says:

    That's just the way it has always been

  11. jihad on bible by quron,, for challenge on humans and liveing beings…

  12. what china want achive on human blood, ..and human masacre…

  13. jacobdot456 says:

    I have now watched this episode alone 29 times. Liberating America at least 30 times… Your content is the best fucking stuff ever…

  14. weak allways beats strong  only on the internet i guess

  15. Raffy Lee says:

    Where are the drones and nuclear strikes?

  16. Hawai EEE. Otherwise good job.

  17. "china invaded USA,Japan,India,Taiwan"????? thats all i saw and i stoped this crap video. China can't do that are you retard or you just want to piss me off? wtf.   just ridiculous.

  18. Mike Starkey says:

    this is the exact opposite of what would happen right. if the US suckedballs or sumting. God help China if there leadership is watching this and thinking this is how it will go

  19. these ww3 videos is a clear and deliberate attempt in preparing the world to get used to the Idea of another world war , in these videos which are as always a mixture of truth and lies they are trying to provoke certain people , first of all the Date of the war in reality is going to be very much closer than 2050 , second of all , in these videos the main people that they have targeted are the People of the United states and Western nations and of course Israel .
    their main effort is to picture America and Israel as the oppressed side , to understand the lie they are trying to sell to them better i use an example . it is equal to picturing Nazi Germany as those who hated war and loved peace and were vulnerable to an attack and Poland as the Mad and oppressive superpower that imposed an unfair war against the Nazi Germany and Captured half of the country in the ww2 ,
    everyone knows this is the opposite of what happened .
    they are trying to create a sense of fear and expecting Danger and An Attack from outside while the Enemy of the Americans and Europeans and Israel is well in the inside.
    but people will fall for it again , the Americans are generally mind controlled , no offense to them but they have to follow these Satanist Anti-Christ ,they have no other choice and no other understanding , they see themselves at the top of the world " an illusion" and while they still believe this about their country and themselves it doesn't matter if they agree with the Anti-Christ or nor , they will march like Robots . any American who sees his country as the greatest and most advanced prison and sees himself as a slave living a nightmare and those 3rd world countries as better then this person might free his mind from the controlling order.

    the proof is there in the comments bellow , see how Americans react to the Idea of being Attacked and defeated which is being used against them but still they fall for it . just read their comments . they are ready to go to war on command .

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