World War 3: One Nation at a Time

Look past the puppets and above the globalists’ stage.

Tony Cartalucci

The globalists are infiltrating, corrupting, and turning the entire planet, one nation at a time in a combined scientific-geopolitical dictatorship that will be effectively impossible to reverse once it is completed. The latest Western-fueled conflagration in the Arab world indicates an accelerated regional strategy of destabilizing and taking over target nations. Nations like Russia and China, whose interests are being directly threatened and stripped away in this malicious melee, appear powerless and unprepared.

Some nations succumb in silence behind the scenes, others are invaded, mercilessly brutalized, and assimilated into the globalist combine. The civil society overlay the globalists use to establish what amounts to a subversive shadow government is always creeping forward no matter how hard a target nation may try to ward it off. Only in the most extreme cases, such as Qaddafi’s Libya has civil society been uprooted entirely – making military intervention an acceptable and inevitable alternative from a globalist perspective.

Indeed there is a battle raging between the corporate-financier oligarchs of New York and London and their ever growing collection of globalist stooges and vassal states worldwide against the rest of free humanity. Each nation that falls to the globalists, however far from our own shores it may be, empowers and emboldens them and is one nation closer to their ultimate goal of one world government.

They have created a perfect system, a strategy of tension, where we wrestle with one battle after another, work to head-off one war after another, expose meddling and subversion in one nation after another all while their agenda moves ever forward.

We all to one degree or another help advance the globalists’ strategy of tension by playing into these contrived crises and by failing to focus on the source of our torment. The alternative media has made gains in exposing and delegitimizing the “international community” however, we must understand that the myriad of pet agendas we keep and nurture are in many ways dividing and distracting us – playing directly into the globalists’ theatrical productions.

The tragedy playing out between the duped and misled people of Israel and the besieged Palestinians is an example of where the globalists have created the perfect, unsolvable conflict from which they can perpetually wring out leverage to advance their agenda. The very fake “War on Terror” is another example. We get caught up in the details, we pick sides, we expend energy fighting these battles and we lose sight within this puppet theater of the men pulling the strings above. We become blinded and cannot understand the necessity of leaving the puppets behind, climbing up above the stage and throttling the puppet masters themselves.

We must recall how these corporate-financier oligarchs got so much unwarranted power in the first place – by controlling and regulating our lives from far above. They got it by us paying into their corrupt system for generations, as we’ve traded personal responsibilities in for corporate ready-made convenience. They will keep their power as long as we keep paying into their system, kidding ourselves that if we dance with their puppets long enough we will become the masters.

While activism, protesting, and campaigning is noble indeed, it is entirely futile until you identify and target the very source of your torment. In every case, be it Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians, the unending “War on Terror,” starving children, or even the bungling response of the “international community” over the disaster emanating from Japan’s Fukushima prefecture, the source of torment is the same: the unwarranted power wielded by myopically obsessed megalomaniacs, leveraging and squandering that power to enrich themselves at the cost of the rest of humanity.

We cannot depend on Russia, China, the other BRIC nations, or rouge nations like Iran to stand up against this expanding evil empire. In many ways they play directly into the strategy of tension themselves and run a similar risk of being folded in if their own people do not make this fundamental realization. The answer is to undermine this unwarranted power by no longer paying into their system through a full-spectrum boycott and the systematic replacement of the globalist corporate combines with local solutions.

We need not pen lengthy manifestos or declare in lofty terms our independence, we simply must begin taking the reins of our own destiny back by identifying how horrifyingly dependent we are on the globalists and rectifying it day to day by how we spend our money, time, and energy.

As a cloud of radioactive fallout blows seaward from Japan, as the Middle East convulses in engineered destabilization, as oil and food prices are manipulated by Wall Street speculators, the excuse of it being “too difficult” to boycott and replace the comfort and convenience offered to us by the corporate-financier oligarchs is beginning to ring rather hollow. Your life and the future of humanity depends on boycotting and replacing the globalists – World War III has already begun and is consuming the world one nation at a time.

We literally have nothing to lose by boycotting and replacing the globalists besides our servile dependence on their system. We will find, no matter what our pet agenda is, usurping this unwarranted authority from the global elite will infinitely advance our cause. For our various agendas are addressing but puppets upon the globalists’ stage, and by boycotting their system and excising them from our daily lives, we climb up above the theater and throttle the puppet masters themselves.

Naming Names: Corporate-Financier Oligarchs to Boycott & Replace

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  1. clayton says:

    Lindsey williams has been told by the ‘elite’ what they are going to do before it happens. He was told around a year ago that they want lots of small wars all over the world.

  2. Enemies and victims, do you believe that world and humanity is that simple? The only simple thing is greed, speculation and the need to posess, and thats within 90% of the world pòpulation

  3. The military industrial complex is bankrupting the U.S. with huge DOD expenditures for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now the air assault to establish a no fly zone over Libya. These wars are being fought to protect the natiional security interest in the U.S., mainly to secure the access to foreign oil. If the oil was ever shut off the economy would collapse, because the U.S. so dependent on imported oil. Wars are seldom fought over humantarian principles. They are fought over business interest, which include the following; Capital, resourses, and land. The other contributing factors are poverty, sectarian and ethnic differences. When you add all this to the mix, it is like throwing gasoline on a fire. Peace can never be achieved through violence. Man has been dominating man to his injury. More wars have been fought in the name of false religion than anything else. When you have a Fractunal Reserve Deposit Expansion Banking and the monetary system based on debt finance it is ineherently fraudulent and animical to the public interest. It is a gigantic Ponzi Pyramid Scam. The cause of the financial and economic crisis is the debt based money system and the toxic currency. The middle class is being systematically elliminated by devaluation of the dollar and hyper-inflation. It is a class struggle and war of the masses against their oppressors. It is an international conspiratorial drive for power, on the part of the men in high places, willing to use any means to bring about their desired aim, global conquest. The method by which the governments stay in power and control is through the central banks and the military. It is an oligarchy ruled by plutocrats. Woe unto the elite politicians, bankers and industrialist if ever the masses wake-up from their slumber.

  4. DonQuixote says:

    This script with Lybia is so obvious that you have to be willfully dense not to get it. 90% of the public will not want to know the truth because then they might feel a pang of guilt which would ruin their enjoyment of American Idol.

  5. Khalid Rahim says:

    It was in 1975 that a small group met at RAND CORP to reduce the nuclear threat to US by
    obliterarting the weapons from all other countries except Israel. Four members of this group
    were from Israel. They laid the foundation of the New World Order or the Recolonization of the
    Old World. Inducing Moscow to occupy Kabul and Baghdad to attack Tehran was beginning of
    this game. A new ‘Chucky’ had to be created and through this toy we play tag with each other.

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