World War 3 ( Part 1 Of 7 ) – Far Cry 3 – Map Editor


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  1. World War 3 would completely demolish the Earth. America itself has enough WMD's to flatten out the planet.

  2. Muffin says:

    oh and without ww1 or ww2 or any war thered be no Farcry 

  3. Iran and America would nuclear bomb eachother to shit, ISIS has popped up, they're causing problems, the guy in this video can tell the future with 'something big's going to happen', ISIS happened.

  4. John Cockram says:

    If Korea ever uses any weapons against the U.S. then we're just gonna fucking rape them with nukes.

  5. A big empire falls and another rises to take its place.

  6. This is what is happening inside obamas head:hmmmmmmmm…I haven't been in a war in a while lets jump into this one.

  7. War is bad. But right now war is the least of our problems! Like ocean acidification

  8. Ian Cross says:

    I agree its scary like they could be planning an attack right now like 911 and also in 2012 or 2013 Syria made chemical guns so its like a 9.910 for a world war 3

  9. Awesome but i cant play on that i playing on ps3

  10. If ww3 ever happens the world will probably end. Because ww2 plunged the u.s. and communism   into the cold war and that almost blew Russia and America of the map.

  11. In the gaming world ww2 isnt over

  12. Wait you think war is sense less so move to u.k an that just offended me because I love the war

  13. Jacob Castle says:

    If the Chinese declare war we will nuke the fuckers

  14. SPANISHGAMER says:

    Vote for trump he will change the world

  15. Jill Spence says:

    China can't do anything our eco.omg is too good and 1 U.S. dollars I worth Gollum h over there

  16. Dont worry dude, it may or may not happen, but if it does it won't be for a long LONG time.

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