World War 3 ( Part 3 Of 3 ) – Far Cry 4 – Map Editor


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  1. John Hanna says:

    From the videos on the side, I can tell you like DBZ…
    Just saying :P

  2. Thy dont you set enemy sniper in The hands?

  3. I think you should have picked up a weapon off a dead corpse (most likely military)something like a p416

  4. cole barlow says:

    Is map editor for xbox 360

  5. cole barlow says:

    I think that people are going to have a war because of oil or something like that I don't think any nuclear weapons will be launch and if they do then it will be Because someone will hack into the us army and get classified information no offence but I think china will hack.

  6. AvalonKnight says:

    WWIII will probably mainly be a resource war, if anything else

  7. Daniel Adams says:

    Why don't you play it in this video?

  8. make a horror map for far cry 4

  9. YOU SHOULD PLAY MY MAP: "Winter Warehouse"
    (It's an extraction map)

    🙂 Awesome Vid

  10. Make a desert safari animal survival map. Or a snowy map survival. Please?

  11. IGNAS GAMING says:

    You… are… STUPID how can u not see the undo button 

  12. What music did he use while making the map?

  13. Bryan Santos says:

    What song did you use

  14. zero effort put in to this map… like 99% of maps i play=/

  15. Play my map called Pagan Min Outpost and other one called Huge Outpost

  16. What is this map called?

  17. why u didn't add turrets they are in the weapons section

  18. you should make like a possessed forest or possessed city Far Cry 4 map editor it would be awesome

  19. Pig Gaming says:

    How world war 3 is going to be the aliens fault there going to make all the country go against each other

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