World War 3 Plans To Depopulate The Earth Documentary must watch..!!!!


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  1. Diane Sagan says:

    wouldn't it be more humane to control the birth rate? limits on people to being made vs killing people.

  2. What rubbish research. Throughout the British Empire, population rose in most part due to the introduction of the potato. The British engineers built wells, dams, reservoirs all over India for land irrigation. British engineers built thousand of miles of roads and the second largest railway net in the world until the Chinese entered into railway construction. Get your facts straight!

  3. BORING , complete crap , i wish these fools would become educated , thicker than a second coat of paint.
    Jordan Maxwell will teach you the very basics if you want to learn

  4. Eddie Bruce says:

    BS. in no way does it mean a nuclear war. nuclear war would be a total wipe out. even more BS is blaming the uk. blame your own government bitch

  5. Eric Coston says:

    Since the end of the second world war, according to official statistics, U.S. and U.K. plus other members of their gang, through wars, foreign policies, economic "experimentation"…could be responsible for the death of about 200 millions people. More than Hitler, Mao and Staline combined.

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