World War 3 Predictions


How I think World War 3 will evolve.


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  1. Russia has iran, syria, china, hezbohla security! ! Google or uk news of massive us America military m1 Abrams tanks equipment. on train! show unloading! !! research strawman which us humans are of 4th bankruptcy by Whitehouse federal corporation, illegal federal reserve bank. owned by 12 individuals. look closely at $100. dollars bill with blue stripe line in middle. !!! the ocean, fold in half tusami hitting new York! !! I pray Lord jesus christ our shield and savior protector for the power glory amen!

  2. I viewd the list!! honestly your office completely America military is not in good with Russia! Google mi1 abram bradelys 4,000 in Poland plus france , Canada, Sweeden!! posted in poland ready for war!! United States means federal corporation! ! in blacklaw dictionary editions 4,5,7. us Whitehouse is not part of America! Congressionalact 1871. Federal corporations can't talk, smell,breathe,see. 1933 4th bankruptcy of illegal federal reserve bank and Whitehouse federal corporation forwarded human Americans as collateral to England of bankruptcy! !!! it's legit! ! do your research! ! England owns everything in America. Google ana fritez judge in Alaska as us marshals, fbi to arrest Congress, us treasury, irs proof of pdf affidavit 1933 signed, recorded! !!

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