is headed down a very dangerous path , a path that will define history as the real terrorists of the world ! Future generations of the United States …


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  1. Oct131917 says:

    Next time is over run by a world war maybe the USA should stay out of it, wonder what if America stayed out of WWII why the world would have been a better place.

  2. Oct131917 says:

    From some odd reason Europe was omitted, but hopefully you get the idea.

  3. AGAIN another war caused by JEEEEEWWWWWSSSSS

  4. FootPrintsUC says:

    U$/EU/Isreal are allies. It doesn't add-up that the Euro currency would be a threat to U.S.! As its been positioned to become the ONE World currency since #CFR #Bilderbergers envisioned circa 1954. Enter the #BIS #WB #IMF[banks] #NATO[army] #Vatican[church]. I smell 19 highjacker -jackles- w/boxcutters Friends. [ijs]*-_-*

  5. No my deluded friend, the US funded soviet Russia/Nazi Germany to serve their interests. We have impoverished/enslaved/killed millions and millions of people across the world. Only Britain comes close to our kill count and tyranny. The amount of genocide and slaughter that this country has inflicted on the world far-out weighs it's supposed benefits. Other countries industrialized at the same time as us we did not innovate the world any where near as much as you think.

    Brainwashed imbecile.

  6. koolkol009 says:

    Jews did 911
    Larry silverstein stole 6 billion
    Dov Zakheim stole 2.3 trillion

  7. Britain influenced the world 10x more than America ever has, they brought the world out of the stone age with the industrial revolution.

  8. danny102m says:

    People say that a world without USA would be peace

  9. danny102m says:

    I think that's true but they say that USA made world war 2 worst,that's a lie USA give tech to Russia and gave British planes

  10. Eric Rosso says:

    Actually the more you look into it, the more you discover that the purposes behind our participation were almost all economic. The whole jewish extermination ploy was bullshit too. The areas Germany had occupied were completely locked in. They couldn't import food or other supplies, and the public was subjected to rationing of food. Who do you think was last in that food line? If you said political prisoners, you are correct!

  11. Eric Rosso says:

    Actually the real threat Iraq represented was even worse than if they had sold ALL of their oil for Euros… Saddam had been selling oil for GOLD for YEARS! He was about to announce the release of Iraq's GOLD-BACKED CURRENCY! Gaddafi was about to do the same thing when we sent Al Quada in to kill him! Although the really funny part is that you never hear about ANY OF THAT GOLD! You have to have THOUSANDS OF TONS OF GOLD to release a viable gold-backed currency! Where did all of it go?

  12. Eric Rosso says:

    While our leaders are responsible for death, destruction, and poverty world wide, you can rest assured that even without us there would be plenty of death, destruction, and poverty to go around…. To compete is human, and most games during the Kali Yuga are played with live ammo!

  13. rms16006 says:

    100% correct, but if you say otherwise then your called anti-semite.

  14. In other words: in 2000 Saddam made that decision and 'out of no where' we have 911 around a year later, and then 'your with us or against us' and go to Afghanistan to 'fight the Taliban' and then make a left turn into Iraq which was completely unrelated on the surface to events in 911, but in reality 911 was an event to help create a smokescreen that justifies going into Iraq later on, and for very secular fundamentally economic reasons. Now, you have the US out of Iraq but in order for the scheme to work you must keep the 'threat alive'. The false notion that Saddam had WMD and thus the world was more dangerous was an utterly false one. Why is the world is less danger if a democracy has the bomb, say like the newly created Iraqi Democracy. Plus, if the scheme is valid, it means a democracy opened a can of worms for valid reasons but were dangerous to itself and the world considering the unknown outcomes and risk it was unleashing. All because of oil and the fact the economic structure is tied to it. Now you have ISIS. It is a threat, but not to America, but to the petrodollar.

  15. Dillon McDyver
    simply   because they are both the world's filthy scumbag warmonger nations.

  16. marjamada says:

    The title repeats the mistake made by news media. What is America? The the people or the government? The government was never 'by the people', it is and always was by the rich and powerful, we call them corporations, and they are the US government. The people of America have no interest in war, but war makes money for corporations and builds empire for politicians. So do we hate all Americans because their government is run by corrupt sociopaths? Shall we hate Russians because they also have corrupt politicians? Shall we hate Israelis? What good can come from hating? Hate creates war.

  17. art idt says:

    the euro will collapse first

  18. 沈煜 says:

    99% american dont want the war

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