World War 3 : Russia threatens Catastrophic Consequences of U.S. led strikes on Syria (Aug 27, 2013)


SOURCE: News : Russia warns US of ” catastrophic consequences ” of intervention in Syria …


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  1. ISTEAMS report: Terrorists did Ghouta gas attack. Terrorists also kidnapped the children, gassed them and published the videos. First videos were online before the attack happened.

  2. The clock is 'Ticking'!!! The Bible is truly being fulfilled daily. Jesus is coming SOON in the rapture! I believe that the church will be raptured away before WW3 comes into effect. COME LORD JESUS and get us out of here! Make sure you are 'RAPTURE READY' watch and pray!! God bless……………

  3. 4malulz says:

    The American people should read/listen to: 'Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau'. He was, and is considered a great American writer. This is also available in audio-book, and much easier to understand in that form.

  4. Fuck no , he said that the UN investigates to find out if some one used chemical weapons not who used them. What the hell? I pray that this conflict don't lead to World War 3 but if it does hopefully Latin America choose to fight with the Russian side because if US wins the world will be fucked .

  5. Glucoperon says:

    this is why we voted for obama, HAIL OBAMA!!!!!

  6. Damon plett says:

    this home wreaking gig

  7. World war 3 is in the bible. revelation 9 13-16. it says this war will start on the Euphrates river with 200 million mounted troops and will wipe 1/3rd of mankind out. 2.3 billion people are going to die from world war 3. if you look on the news the Euphrates river is were all the action is happining now.

  8. Well if they can't produce proof of who used chemical weapons then America is wrong to attack. He needs to present proof of who used it.

  9. Mercy Angel says:

    WORLD Prophecy-My Beloved Children! Flee NOW from Babylon churches! Satan's fallen angels deceive you! Reptilian shapeshifters & human CLONES! {Presidents,Govs,Pope,Hinn,Ost­eens,Icke,Cosby,B.Walters,J.Fo­nda,TV-Media,UN,CFR,et} Cain's Seed. ACTORS! Trickery,Illusion,Prosthesis.U­SA-Evil J.F.Kennedy& Jackie-NOT DEAD! Pretends as Pres.Jim Carter/Wife. Bush/DEMONS respons.NY-9/11 2001.GREAT,GREAT HORROR,SORROW,DESTRUCTION,DEAT­H COMING! Warn/Prepare Families! Seek Me.Psalm 91. go dallasgoldbug-YT

  10. aviomaster says:

    WAR for WORLD domination is never ending first lesson of history

  11. MrAac2020 says:

    Same could be said about Israel. In biblical times, Moses, King David…or whoever rode into the land of milk and honey and made war with they assumed were half-breed sub humans..In their thiking anyhow. Now, here we are today, Israel slaughtering millions of Palestinians for land like they were insects. DNA says they are human beings just like all the rest of us..Not any space aliens. Whats that old saying, Walk a mile in another mans shoes before you make judgment.

  12. jack sparrow says:

    john kerry is a devil , syria is only an opening to iran. all US wants is oil. OBAMA is a Puppet.

  13. Sacred Light says:

    Fight for another lie! So fucking blind! uuhhmmm makes me think…, was bombing Japan with Nukes or dropping tonnes of pesticide on Vietnam really necessary? The Alied forces fought for the biggest lie in human history, so far… You can change the future by changing peoples view of the past,but ultimately the truth will prove itself. The American Economy is based on War and has manifested into a shitnest, that needs to disolve! for the good of every American, not just their small rich minority

  14. WDFisH0n0r says:

    nothings gana save you from a nuke buddy. i don't care how strong your god is the world will end in hours when they drop

  15. Elzweiler says:

    Don't think this will happen. the Euro (because of the P.I.G.S.'s) will collapse without German bailout. The real challenge here is to find a way to keep the USD the reserve currency, and more importantly, keep the Chinese and Indian currieries suppressed in order that they can't purchase the minerals and natural resources of Africa and the rest of third world. These have traditionally been areas the US and Europe have exploited. Let's keep it that way please.

  16. you americans now what russia will finish whit u jajaja

  17. Aaron Drake says:

    By the sound of that russia is just trying to help defuse a big problem those people from those countrys in the middle east grow up through war after war there not scared of the U.S whats another bomb to them there rain there everyday

  18. Aaron Drake says:

    There way of life is way diffrent from ours

  19. Aaron Drake says:

    Here in newfoundland we'd call them a bunch of crazy basterds

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