WORLD WAR 3 Russia To Invade This Summer!


Moscow says it is sticking to a cease- fire . Meanwhile, he is accumulating troops and weapons for something that does not seem so quiet . The war in Ukraine …


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  1. lost RAWsoul says:

    I reckon Coca-Cola will sponsor…perhaps it will be pay-per view…get me some of them cool 3d glasses and watch the fireworks

  2. I very much doubt that Russia will have the balls to invade the United States. Reason being is because we all have guns, we all have guns, and it's an intercontinental country. The difference between the two countries is that US Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms while Russia's Constitution provides no such right.
    Trust me, I'm an anarchist and I often try to go deep in with these conspiracies and preach out. But this is probably the only conspiracy which is probable, but not imminent.

  3. jhon stevens says:

    We can but hope. ha ha ha . I bet they are sick of the American / English scum. Die people die just as you all deserve for following your brain dead leaders. JUSTICE for letting your children serve the satanic rulers. HELL AWAITS YOU ALL. THE MOST HIGH HAS SEEN YOUR CRIMES.

  4. Ronnie Mead says:

    I am not afraid, can't wait to go home.  Too much injustice, corruption and evil in this world, we need a total cleansing.

  5. lorenzo564 says:

    the west and nato will be defeated in this war and not the world will be doomed but the soldier that was in the eukraine and most of the us military and west and nato will be more dead and they will surrender before the war consumed most and  destroyed the earth.

  6. Ibi Madarasz says:

    How fucken idiot can you be? You brainwashed pathetic idiot, who wants war, not Russia.

  7. Well the big problem nobody seems to really care! Example jade helm should have and would have been stopped before it even started. If our founding fathers were still alive. Guess what it's our job now. And we just sit back and watch. I need men who have nothing to lose and I will march on Washington. But first I want to arrest all the bankers and judges. Remember guilty by association they say. I'm just following orders they say. But they knew what they are doing and again we do nothing. Same bullshit over and over When?????? Are we going to get up.

  8. Valkayre says:

    You are a sensationalist, that's all.

  9. Run and hide? Fuck that pussy shit want my house? Better prepare 2 body bags one for mine and one for the asshole who wants to kill me

  10. Are they waiting for Indian summer?

  11. TheThedot says:

    Good we need Russia to liberate us form the evil jew and kill all these god damn niggers!!!!

  12. JasonTube says:

    I've played enough battlefield 4 to see how this is going to work.

  13. jim west says:

    I'm just here to see that cool mask.
    Couldn't care less about the lies

  14. There probaly happens nothing 

  15. Didn't happen ngga they always say never happens new thing every year and guess wat end of summer STOP SCARING PEOPLE NOWWWWW!

  16. Dean Maxwell says:

    Only one country will prevail.

  17. goodfilmful says:

    They're waiting for the Russian summer. They've been waiting for a while now….

  18. goodfilmful says:

    They're waiting for the Russian summer. They've been waiting for a while now….

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