World War 3: Russia, U.S. Ready for Nuclear War over Ukraine?


World War 3 : Russia , US ready for nuclear war against Ukraine ?


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  1. Be Good says:

    If these people carry us to war there will be a lot of innocent people going to die and the ones we love..

  2. Yeaha … Let's go for it … Bomb the USA .. Fuck them 

  3. u better don't push the button ,just stay back and don't put your nous to somebody else live

  4. Brad Clemens says:

    Guy speaking for STRATFOR ought to know that Pontius Pilate was not a King.

  5. dmcarden says:

    Doubt it will be over the Ukraine though that was the start; however, there will be more tension that may erupt into a full scale war.

  6. Shaun Ruthes says:

    why the hell you trying to sell medical? what a crock of shit…

  7. Docktor Doom says:

    "the only winning move is not to play." -Joshua (1983)

  8. drgeek100 says:

    I hope America never goes back to the way it used to be …America was only good for one group of people .."white and christian"…I think this will change things to level the playing field…this is nature's way of balancing power.

  9. guys is this true im scared

  10. Tom D says:

    The US has been sending teams of military trainers and advisor there for years. Its part of the military sponsorship program. California national guard has been teamed to Ukraine since the start. Training missions have been going on for weeks sometimes months at a time. Its nothing new. Just different types of troops now. No one should blow anyone up. No one deserves war. Loose Russia=bad for Europe. Loose USA= bad for everyone involved in how much we consume their products. Hate the USA that's OK….when we stop buying your exports due to collapse you might want to wish for a free and democratic china

  11. Yellow stone would totally cripple the US. Would be a cheap way to destroy the so called super power. Anyway we need a world war, it's getting over crowded. 

  12. imtiaz Ali says:

    Russia can easily destroy the us Ass. .We will fuck yiu bitch 

  13. USA and Russia have nuclear power to destroy all earth in atoms 300 times
    Henry Kissinger nice say but no one listen him wise old guy

  14. klevian pata says:

    Kurani [71:22] Por ata planifikuan një plan të Madh.
    Kurani [100:1] Dhe shpërthyesit, e rrufeshëm.
    Kurani [100:2] Pastaj, ato ndizen me goditje.
    Kurani [100:3] Pastaj, ato tjetërsojnë çdo gjë, në mëngjes.
    Kurani [100:4] Pastaj, ato zhbirojnë, në të, tmerrësisht.
    Kurani [77:32] Vërtetë, ato (bombat) hidhen, në shpërthim, sa një kala. [7+7+3+2=19]

  15. Berta Brass says:

    Russia will take just so much aggression from the US.
    We will end up being sorry, and by then it will be too  late for us, and may be from the whole world.

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