World War 3 Scenario 1


Simulation | This is just one scenario, and not necessarily the most likely . I’ll make a video explaining this scenario . Please comment your opinion .


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  1. U.S. is not going to take Mexico lol dafuq? Maybe Panama.

  2. Random UK action lol

  3. I already started laughing since I heard dub-step

  4. keep dreaming kazaks will never Join Russia they will join Turkey

  5. I disliked and stopped watching after you forgot painting european part of turkey

  6. The UK would never invade Ireland, do you know what NATO is? Australia would join NATO's side, Pakistan wouldn't join America's side, South Africa isn't a Russian ally, Bulgaria is a part of NATO, you shaded the Great Lakes blue, you had Russia invade the Caspian Sea, and then shaded that maroon. You forgot to shade in one of China's islands in the South Asian Sea, you had the Americans invade several African countries for no reason whatsoever, , then you had the United States annex the fucking Great Lakes, Bulgaria is a part of NATO, which remained neutral for nearly the entire time, you forgot to shade in the European part of Turkey, you have America gradually annex all of Central America and Colombia/Ecuador. JESUS CHRIST DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH IN TERMS OF GEOGRAPHY, OR LOOK UP MILITARY ALLIANCES, AND WHAT IS AND ISN'T A COUNTRY. You also had NATO annex the Black Sea, and Serbia would never join NATO.

  7. 0:29 i didn't watch further from "UK invades Ireland" . Why in the hell they would commit such a stupid move???

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