World War 3 Scenario: The Day the World Ended


In order to watch Part 2, Visit: Israel Strikes Iranian Nuclear …


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  1. …Are they using water on oil?

  2. why would an oil shortage make the world end

  3. YNVNEone says:

    The elite will never make their future "exclusive" home uninhabitable. They may launch two or three nukes but no holocaust. They don't want to live underground.

  4. This looks to be an accurate description of how things would go down in this type of scenario!

  5. Mazeek says:

    don't have to worry about oil in the USA got plenty in Texas and Alaska.

  6. Kevin Buchik says:

    This must be what preppers and conspiracy theorists, and people with shoeboxes of silver under their bed (instead of investments that, you know, actually earn money) get off to instead of porn…interesting…

  7. Austin Staab says:

    Ha! Obama actually sticking to his word on backing up nations. That's gold…

  8. Salvator S. says:

    the world won't end just get depopulated it's already happening.

  9. Fiction. This is like watching Fantasia/fairy tale.

  10. Karl Lover says:


  11. it is more realistic that Iran would bomb Israel with nuclear shit

  12. Blake 07 says:

    fake because England would be bomb too and im not dead

  13. Caifis Cane says:

    2015 here no war yet :D

  14. This is so innaccurate

  15. WWWIII Is just going to be a world apocolypse. everywhere is just going to be radiation and bombs. So if your in these countries. I would mobe.

    The worst places to be in WWW3.

    10. Ukraine
    9. Turkey
    8. Saudi Arabia
    7. Egypt
    6. Iran
    5. China
    4. Russia
    3. Iraq
    1. ( THE WORLD )

  16. PratRisk88 says:

    Most would be fought in and from the air and on the seas with little to no ground battles, only symbolical to point who is annexing what and where.

    If ICBM Nukes even enters equation, then all would fire if any would, almost simultaneously and we would have the end of the world.

  17. Palestine Will Be Bombed And I Will Die!

  18. busabaybe says:

    why would you give a shit about gold what u guna buy

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