World War 3 Simulation



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  1. pulsarion says:

    Yay, Scandinavia is neutral 😀

  2. actualmente creo que E.E.U.U. es mejor que esos malditos rusos

  3. Mexico is not part of the U.S, it is part of the pu, like U.S

  4. And this will never happen, how can a big lot of earth can apper from the nothing?

  5. HarmsWay1359 says:

    Lol you're such a tard

  6. MegaCocoa111 says:

    Ever thought that he can't?

  7. Norway and Finland just sittin there watching the show

  8. Dodo Jukic says:

    but i think that balkan countries will have their own Balkan War 😀 that is the reason why they didn't participated 😀

  9. This sucks, wheres Makarov?

  10. Madagascar and some place in Europe did not join the UP! LOL!

  11. You got fantasy for the whole fucking world

  12. i was ectualy expecting like li chan had his last stand in the head state of china while Pu was surounding them as Li chan (China) was desprate to win this and while the pu was as securing the world of nuclear bombs, Noord korea was part of China and sliped away a big part of the nukes china nuke's the surounding PU controled border around china wich leads to incapselating china by a big radiuz of hazerd so china was a dead mans land for 100 years until the radiation was gone

  13. hyperfox2504 says:

    Just as worst than the first

  14. Endspiel81 says:

    I've yet to see one of these WW3 simulations that didnt make me facepalm, i'll give this one credit though, at least its not trying to claim to be realistic.

  15. DavidDanna says:

    Question, ¿Why all videos of simulation of world war 3, forever wins U.S.A?

  16. America giving up nukes? Rubbish.

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