World War 3 simulation


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  1. Most of these warplanes are american and not israeli. This video is absurd but then again since jews control american foreign policy we'd be dragged into this stupid fight anyway.

  2. The Spectre says:

    israel will be wiped out if they try to fight with iran

  3. quest 34667 says:

    lolol….such non sense.

  4. Foxy = Israel

    Freddy Fazbear = Iran

  5. Peter Pan says:

    better at fighting?? those look like all American planes. Israel should fight its own wars n battles…it always has a helping hand from the creation of its nation. stop sucking off your mothers tit and grow up. Be independent and walk tall, instead when u are threatened ISRAEL hides under the dress of mother america. is it not true

  6. Norg1 says:

    Both countries have Nukes now  and both would prob wipe each other out   the war would last a few hours at that  esp if iran uses the Russian Tsar NUkes which has about a 200 miles radius of destruction   just 2 nukes would turn the hole country of isreal into a crater   unlike irans landmass which isreal would prob nuke like 12 times

  7. stupid vid. the planes would not fly all together in one formation like that.

  8. hassan hadi says:

    fuck iran army

  9. For you ! says:

    Iranians are white


  11. Moses Kiprop says:

    and Jesus spoke about this things that it will happen. Mathew 24:4-7. repent and prepare the way for the Messiah is coming. time is over

  12. anyone see the battlefield 3 billboard? lol

  13. mb varquez says:

    hahahahahahahaaaaa! no it cant be! these is insane… Arabs can't even touch the the ground of Israel!

  14. I think they got the title wrong lol looks like US vs Iran based off the aircraft

  15. ٌXxX Black says:

    israel will be end soon

  16. ISRAEL and AMERICA will destroy Iran from long distance strikes whit Tomahawk's bye bye Iranian missile's LOL

  17. i think Muslim Country will be win

  18. fuak iran and fuak israel

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