WORLD WAR 3 Simulation


I know that those colours could make a bit of confusion. Read here. Red (Russia), yellow (China), light Brown (Iran, Kazakhstan ,Turkmenistan, Tagikistan, …


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  1. China would not sit idle…… and are you sure that the US can survive the Siberian winter 😀 good luck US. They never trained there.

  2. Little Light says:

    aaaanndd in the end everyone iiiiiisss dead

  3. Nikhil Yadav says:

    where is the Simulation ??

  4. india would be neutral because both russia n America its close friends… unless chinese infiltration in its boundaries

  5. India wouldn't just allow Russia to loose and china would help Russia as u know Russia helped India during 1971 Indo-Pak war by dispatching its nuclear submarine fleet from Vladivostok into the Arabian sea against USA 7th fleet thus making India victorious

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