World War 3 Simulation Realistic


this video does not show the truth, this video only shows my opinion about the 3rd world war music: Second Coming and The Descent. All made by:Kevin …


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  1. If you guys are wondering why China hates US, it's because US owes China 1.2 trillion dollars…

  2. Elco says:

    Sakhalin island never surrender ?

  3. Hafizh Alva says:

    Im seeing this shit! Im going to play Europa Universalis 4

  4. How did America win an circled in the middle of Siberia with all supply roots cut off ? 

  5. Dashing Dawn says:

    I noticed that you added Lithuania in russias side. I'll have you know that Lithuania, along with the baltic states which you also added, is a respected member of NATO and The European Union. and we would never be russias allies no matter what they do to us

  6. SFAras™ says:

    Erm, if Napoleon and Hitler failed at invading European Russia in the winter, even NATO won't be able to get into Siberia :/ it'd be more realistic if they contained Russia rather than trying to invade the whole thing.

  7. Africa can't side with east or west . AFRICA JUST WANTS FOOD 

  8. Why is Malawi a lake???

  9. FS Kryptik says:

    dont you get it china is on americas side, america pays china a lot of money for manufacturing products, china will not go to war becouse of the pollution problem in beijing. russia is a wimp… they are scared of europe itself, and america is hiding many things. russia does have more tanks and jets but they are really old and bad, america has a lot more advanced technology and a lot of european countries have nukes. and iran is just a little fly getting ready to be stomped on because they have absolutely awful technology. and if america was to give africa and asia money then hot potato russia will have no allies.

  10. FS Kryptik says:

    what are you on about?

  11. Filip Gmuh says:

    This is unrealistic American propaganda

  12. Moe Barrage says:

    frankly WW3 will start after the Aksa mosque is seriously threatened or/and partially destroyed by Israel extremism ,   all the middle eastern + north African countries will create a very big alliance and invade Israel , USA would invade Iran  Nato joins in . The  UK would join USA , France would stay neutral but a brief support to USA below the curtains , huge Islamic riots would start in the french , UK , Swedish   and basically in every western and northern  European  capital . Russia would support the Arab  alliance with weapons and money . Iran threatens to use it's nuclear weapons , ISIS would start bombing places in USA  Hezbolah and the  Arab alliance would conquer huge territory in Israel  , Lebanese government would be neutral to the conflict , Israeli troops tries to invade Lebanon from the north and Egypt from the south and fails  but manages to take a huge amount of lands in south of Syria on the golani frontline  . Lebanon and the Sinai desert  and a big chunk of Syria are partially destroyed by Israeli aircraft missiles . USA  troops drops in Irak  to stop Isis and created military bases  on the border with Iran and send the other half of their troops east to Syria but got heavy resistance from the Turks and the Syrian army making them enable to march south . Saudi Arabia joins the war and finance the Arabic alliance along with Russia . Pakistan joins the alliance . Turkey sends their troops to Syria to support the fight against Israeli troops in the south and manages to hold them back . Israel is surrounded .and tries to attack Egypt  and controls a huge part of it before the other surrounding African Arab nations ( Libya + Algeria ) aid Egypt and force Israel to fall back to the Sinae desert .  USA manages to weaken the Iranian defense lines and gain some territory  Russia would then start supporting directly the Iranians and sends troops to aid Iran . And from this moment things start getting even worse , Iran drops nuclear headed missiles on Israel  Israel too slow to react gets destroyed and surrenders  USA then drops a nuclear missile on Iran and makes Iran to weak to continue and tries to defend itself  Russia not knowing what to do  takes back their troops and become neutral but  continues  to financially aid the Arabic alliance with money and weapons . Pakistan and several African Arab nations decide to step away from the war. The UK lands troops on destroyed Israel in hope to revive it but gets pushed away by  Egypt , Hezbollah resistance   Syrian , Turkish and Jordanian troops and  decides to use only air force power  . USA troops completely take over Irak and tries to finish  Iran   China and north Korea threatens to declare war on USA , USA steps back to the irakian border  Jews from all the middle east imigrate back to Europe the UK finds it useless to continue the war and get out , the Palestians gets back their stolen country , Huge manifestations arise in the USA demanding to stop the war and bring their troops back to the country , Barack Obama accepts to stop the war but leaves a huge part of the troops in Irak ,  ISIS to weak to survive after the huge amount of losses they suffered fades away  and then starts a huge negotiation period with the Arab alliance which is now more powerful than ever . Palestine starts the re-building process , and Jews settle back in Europe . USA can't do anything more just ignores the whole situation and start planning for the future .
    what do u think ?

  13. Jere Hoikka says:

    U.S.S.R? Really?
    And then there is the Anti U.S.S.R?

  14. Rovenzoo says:

    Ehm… Saudi Arabia is an ally of the USA in real life…

  15. Munky says:

    "anti-ussr" wtf is that what do you even mean how is that realistic?

  16. i think this guy does not knows what the meaning of realistic is and the background music is the worst i ever heard. Youtube should actually ban these nonsense videos and delete channel of these shitass people

  17. Ben Saville says:

    England will never be ruled by anything short of our own people, therefore your "realistic" video is a piece of shit. Get back in your box.

  18. >EU Surrender
    >America… welp. time to go ham and stop putin from 'putin' turkey in the oven by thanksgiving.

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