World War 3 Simulation Russia and China attack U.S.A World War 3 Simulation HD


World War 3 Simulation Russia and China attack U S A World War 3 Simulation HDWorld War 3 Simulation Russia and China attack U S A World War 3 …


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  1. In the stupid simulation, The U.S. would never be able to launch but very few missiles because The U.S. has been 50% to 80% wiped out by now.  Take this off the internet please.

  2. shami dude its a game

  3. StoneBTH says:

    Where's Matthew Broderick?

  4. Jimbo Powers says:

    hahaha The United States can not be attacked and anyone with a brain knows it. We are 50 years ahead and the chinese and 30 ahead of russia…

  5. This guy cut the video off I saw the original simulation and the U.S. wouldn't launch that late and at the moment they see that they launched nukes they going to throw a shit ton more

  6. Another thing the U.S. is the strongest in military power even if they did land nukes first and hit us we would win we have allies too.

  7. Why is it that not a single nato ally is helping the US? We would not stand alone in that fight and china and russia would be decimated with the rest of the civilized world.

  8. You know the read ships in the Atlantic? some of them could of went through the Panama canal..thats why iut was created.vgfv

  9. Joe Martinez says:

    Ok , so the US is SOOOO concerned with missile defense that it would allow 3/4 of the country to be destroyed before actually deciding to launch first strike huh? and NATO would sit on their asses and allow this to happen. This 'simulation' is complete bullshit! Nice try douche!

  10. SatanicPanic says:

    if china and russia both launched a naval and air attack like that, the naval and air battle would probably last a year or 2 before they could actually invade the US. In that time NATO would have captured a good majority of russia, bombed every last airstrip in axis territory and helped bomb the naval vessels attacking the US. Axis would have no airforce and loose way before the 2 year mark because NATO has more planes then axis forces. You can't fight a battle without air force.
    if nukes were involved they would all be destroyed and there really wouldn't be a winner.

  11. yay Miami wasn't hit!

  12. qwerty war says:

    this can only happen if theres no leak in surprise attack.. you can see that the us force is unprepared .. theres something wrong in the simulation or lacking.. why is other country is on standby specially those allied nations?

  13. Chuck Norris says:

    America has a dead man switch dumbass. They also have shield fuck face, good job not doing any research.

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