World War 3 Simulation | WW3 Is Coming 2016 ✔


A new World War 3 Simulation, ww3 will happen guys, it’s just a matter of time. I will be making more simulations and predictions in the future.


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  1. or muslim world realises the games of the west and get behind russia algeria allows russia to place anti missile tech in algeria as tunisia will as well still angry at west for destroying its tourism yemen pissed of so is libya iraq and syria
    pakistan sides on side of muslim world as it faces hostilities from india china behind russia as is vietnam and japan still has debts to pay for hiroshama things could change for the worst

  2. turkey would not be destroyed by russia as now it understands the un games

  3. russia drops nukes over yellowstone and madrid fault america is screwed

  4. chance
    of war between Russia and America IN SYRIA and that if this happens
    there is a 25-50% chance that this will become a all-out Third World
    War!!!  I now consider that the chances of a war between Russia and America IN SYRIA at 50-60%!!! 
    This is connected to the looming defeat of Globalist candidate Hillary
    Clinton, despite the false polling data showing that she is 2 points or
    even 11 points ahead of Trump.

  5. hilary clinton fly has been found dead a suicide it shot itself in the head and back
    we knew this would happen as the fly was russian oops i meant rushing her :)

  6. The US Secret Service has banned cellphone cameras from Hillary
    Clinton rallies to protect the democratic nominee from getting seizures
    from the flashes.

  7. Dirt says:

    here's another scenario Russia and China have cival wars with Nato and Eu aid a new Chinese government is put in and putin is overthrown isis gets destroyed in the war and minimal nukes are used due to internal wars

  8. tripsadelica says:

    I hate to tell you this but as soon as the first nuke is dropped all the automated retaliation systems come into play. The entire northern hemisphere would be obliterated within 3 hours of the first use of a nuclear weapon either by Russia or the USA. Most major cities will be targets and be destroyed, explosive force and fallout will destroy what's left with most vertebrae species dead within a month.

    In the Southern Hemisphere the only target which will be nuked is Australia as it harbours a number US military bases including the ultra important listening and hacking station at Pine Gap in Western Australia. The southern hemisphere will not be completely unharmed. The confluence of winds from the north will mix into the south causing radiation sickness, species depletion and, to cap it off, a vegetation-destroying nuclear winter.

    A year after a major nuclear exchange on earth humanity will be all but destroyed as well as most mammals, reptiles, sea life and vegetation. One theory suggests that a massive exchange of nuclear weapons will cause the "gassing out" of a significant proportion of our atmosphere and destroy the ozone layer. If this is the case the world would die a quick death and within decades will start to resemble Mars. The lack of an atmosphere may even be enough to halt the Coriolis Effect which keeps the planet's core moving and generating a magnetic field. Without that field the earth will be baked by cosmic radiation and then we really would be exactly like Mars…a dead planet.

    So whilst I had a giggle at the light-hearted banter you put into your slide show I also realised that if Putin and whoever wins the US election do not step back from the brink all our arses are fried. Simple logic.

  9. Ivan Arnold says:

    M.A.D. the moment nuclear weapons are used in anger every country will launch their entire stockpiles and 90% of the earth population is destroyed…there is no such thing as a limited nuclear event

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