World War 3 Simulation | WW3 Prediction 2016 ✔


World war 3 Simulation | WW3 prediction 2016 I will be making more ww3 simulations soon, I made this prediction with other videos, sorry for the lack of music I …


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  1. Tom K says:

    The 70's porn music is a fitting background

  2. what possibly made you think that india will get into war

  3. ha ha rusian troll

  4. India will support Russia

  5. Does this represent total occupied territories or the amount of nuclear devistation.

  6. Salty Salt says:

    So, Wheres the Nukes?

  7. Odysseus says:

    India is part of BRIC. I have my doubts they'd take NATO's side. Or even participate for that matter, it would depend on who backs Pakistan and who supports them in a war against Pakistan. Considering how retarded my countries leaders are (America) we'd probably back Pakistan.

  8. Red invade Greenland, Blue invade Siberia 😀 this is the dummies thing i have ever seen… what a joke

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