World War 3 Tanks Moving In Ukraine


Tanks moving along the border of the Ukraine and troops and tanks building up along the Russian border Obama in Poland meeting with NATO …


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  1. donna4843 says:

    Talked to Putin because Obama just handed over the U.S.missile protection system,forgot the name,to U.N. because Russia was so upset.

  2. AeroDynamic says:

    anybody who melts my model cars with their crazy nuclear weapons is going to seriously make me evaporate into fine particulates, next stop-paradise.

  3. Please keep us up to date. this could be it.

  4. Putin will sack Obamas lunch  and eat it!   Obama is OUT of his league and Putin knows it.    Putin is NOT afraid of Obamas idle threats.

  5. Ruckus Allen says:

    look at world events history from 100 years ago. Do Your History Lessons! No different today..

  6. Its insane that the rain falls mainly on the plain in Ukraine not to mention Spain.

  7. anthony psy says:

    WW3 is coming ima go and play pokemon go :)

  8. The birth pains are becoming much more frequent and intense. Soon, the water will break…

  9. Joe Thomas says:

    Is planet Earth about to die? We sooo need Jesus right now!

  10. Rick Langley says:

    "Wars will escalate, until the Great War is declared and then
    the greatest enemy, that is communism, will create great turmoil amongst
    all nations. Power and a hunger for it, is born out of
    selfishness. Those who seek power will, in time, have none, when they
    have to stand before Me. Those who persecute the weak and the vulnerable
    will suffer their own persecution, thrice that which they inflicted on
    These wars will end in turmoil. Lives will be lost, but then the war in the East will trigger an even bigger war. When this war takes place, millions of lives will be lost. When all seems hopeless, the man of peace will appear and then the beginning of the end will be witnessed. "

  11. PaiN StroKe says:

    Jesus Christ… this is all unfolding before I could even wrap the whole situation around my head. I'm not gonna sleep tonight.

  12. Kelly L says:

    Uk sends troops to Poland according to sky news this morning at the NATO summit

  13. russia will have other countries and they all will come after us iran will back russia in a heart beat

  14. Cat Nipped says:

    Link for video by Steven?

  15. AudioSlave says:

    Its insane in da ukraine

  16. Cat Nipped says:

    ? Deceived? Help me to understand plz

  17. twocentsin says:

    Ukraine must go back to Russia! It is time for her to pay for her long terrible history of Antisemitism. Hello? Ezekiel 38-39? Britain had to exit the EU; because she is the biblical Tarshish who must say: "Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?" Britain can't be part of the EU, because we know the EU will do nothing to protect Israel, because the EU is in on it. You can run, but you can't hide from God!

  18. Rob Cline says:

    Everything is to divert everybody from the scandle and treason going on in America,,,, and Mr, Putin is getting the stage ready for either peace or war….! and the Lord says war…!

  19. Thank you so much Beloved

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