World War 3: The Death of America – Russia, Crimea and Ukraine


Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts , the death of the American republic Constitution , what can be learned from the situation in Crimea


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  1. will steffen says:

    Ben BEN what have you route ? A republic, if you can keep it! 

    As much as it pleases me to see this video. its not anything new to me, things ive known for over 15 years

  2. Yepprd says:

    This man is the only one on the internet that I've heard tell the truth of what is going on over there.  97% of Crimea voted to succeed from the Ukraine and join Russia.  This vote was taken under the Ukrainian government's power.  This is not a forced takeover of the Ukraine by Russia..this is the West(USA) trying to prevent democracy (the people's vote) in Western and Southern Ukraine simply to keep Russia from getting more land.  If they want to join Russia..LET THEM JOIN RUSSIA.  Keiv is killing civilians in Donetsk right now simply because they are opposing the governments iron fist on what they can do and the government isn't allowing a referendum vote to decide the status (Russia or Ukraine) of western Ukraine. 

  3. lrattie says:

    Gestapo Police state…lol……no, it is not the NAzi's that coontrol us, it is he Jews

    When the economy crashes, we know who to blames, Barnke, Greenspan, Yellen, …the JEWS!

  4. Vasting says:

    Death of America? More like death of the whole fucking world. Dumbass

  5. TheHyperFlow says:

    This country was first a republic. Ran by great, intelligent leaders. Our constitution was designed for that republic. True democracies cannot work, for money corrupts its governing infrastructure. Centralized banking cartels are a prime example of how money manipulates and controls the system that we all live inside of. We need great, intelligent leaders, along with knowledgeable citizens and the destruction of the centralized banks. That is the only thing that will save this country.

  6. Chloe J says:

    2015-2016 100% The end of Russia..

  7. Tudor4398 says:

    "World War 3: The Death of America" And what, Russia and China will be the winners?

    Russia can protect it's people against biological weapons, superviruses and similar shit? I didn't know it's possible for a country to protect itself against such stuff.

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