World War 3 (The European Campaign)


The European Union is forced WW3 when the Hegemony invades its borders . Then begins the long struggle for the European Union to regain its freedom .


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  1. Thanks for watching anyways.

  2. Jack Kelly says:

    Im sorry, i wasn't being specific. i meant to say whats the music that starts at 4:59?

  3. Its called "a hero rises."

  4. Albert ortiz says:

    You really need to make more…like the colonies betray earth…idk but keep the videos going 🙂

  5. bmschi001 says:

    the main reason Europe didn't hold is because of the French betray

  6. tythorn13 says:

    in the description it says "coming soon the novel itself" have you started it?

  7. Moods Cohen says:

    nope this will be the end of islam.

  8. What are the clips at 2:51 and at 2:56 from? Is that a movie or a game?

  9. Samuel Lord says:

    Its a movie called 'The Mutant Chronicles'.

  10. so, i would live on te frontlines of the late ww3 oslo line?

  11. badwolf66 says:

    Aww thought their was going to be an alien invasion in this.

  12. Why do you make such STUPID things ??? 

  13. been watching the videos and to be honest makes me kind of think. i pray that this never happens in my life time or any ones. but it is kind of scary seeing how close we are getting to this kind of future.

  14. Dirty flag, that dirty blue and yellow flag, I would love the day we burn it.

  15. song name? i know it's rammstein but song name

  16. Come get us scum invaders, We in norway are ready… Dont fuck with the modern vikings bitches!! Cool video mate! really enjoy those fictionated scenario videos! (I took a chance, i dont even know if fictionated is a word lol)

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