World War 3 (The Last War)


The history of WW3 set to the haunting music of Dead Island , on the basis of the Citadel Shattered Universe . Dead Island Trailer Theme Full w / No sound extra .


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  1. China won't attack other countries unless other countries attack China.

  2. To be honest , china doesn't even have to fire a single bullet to dominate America . It can pretty much abosorb all the jobs and take over the war industries that the US once hold .

  3. AMERICAN CITIZENS! OPEN YOUR EYES! THIS HAS ALREADY BEGUN…Just, Not in the U.S however. Ukraine, Gaza, Syria, All of these countries are under attack…And we decided that we, THE GOD DAMN "IMMORTAL" AMERICANS NEEDED TO JOIN IN! We HAVE lost wars (So many people will say no) But we have, face it. America is not immortal and we need to stop interacting with these battles. We need…to stay away…

  4. Anthony sosa says:

    ive seen so many ww3 similations already like 20 guessig and not one so far have america and european unions won wierd why everyone fantsizes them loosing all the time

  5. I think that Nuclear weapons will never be used, except for india vs pakistan

  6. You should do something on the African Union and it's impact on WW3

  7. Juan Alverec says:

    All nation can join in one army which creates strength in one whole army,like Mexico,united states of America,Canada,england,France and other nations.


  8. Juan Alverec says:

    And it may happen in this year or not.

  9. Rick Grimes says:

    bullshit, Japan wouldn't lose so easily, damn good video though.

  10. It probably would end with everyone gettin nuke'd

  11. Kevin Phan says:

    I'm in Mississippi ;-;

  12. jacobdot456 says:

    Hey man, big fan of your work! I know you're probably very busy with videos and personal life and what not. But I was wondering if you are ever going to do anything regarding the future of mankind. I've visited the website many many times, and I read the story "They Bleed Like Us", which was fan-fucking-tastic, I however don't think you wrote it. Anywho, sorry I was on a rant. I was just interested if you had anything planned on things like this. I do know that videos about alien wars and, well anything about aliens is very hard. Anywho, keep up the awesome work, and have a good day!

  13. Tim Starkey says:

    every one knows this is gonna get started bye the russians from ww2 we had the cooled war there planing some thing i know it

  14. Poland defeated by Russia????    0_0
    Good luck mate.

  15. jack hunter says:

    WW3 will never be the last war long as there are humans on this planet …humans dont deserve this planet ..its time humans go ….yup

  16. dont see why people say, oh my gosh whenever this happens i dont care,why i believe i hope were safe when that happens. i love how they say when this happenes, Its already happening!damn it people go insane with tiny problems well they dont realize the war is already starting, open youre eyes people!

  17. ok, if russians find out how to make armour for bears and train the bears like they used to were dead, the news wil say, big russians riding bears with rpgs and machine guns invading everywhere.

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