World War 3: The Looming Gog and Magog Prophecy w/ Douglas Woodward on The Awakening Report


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  1. Lori Jackson says:

    LOL! Clean, dry, and intact. Spoken like a true medical professional!

  2. Talonman007 says:

    Was the beginning of the show trying to tell us that Paul lied, and pork is forbidden because it came in a dream???
    What the heck???
    Is all this to justify the 'Hebrew roots movement' to indicate that we are back under the law again?
    Watch this video on youtube: "The Dark Side of Hebrew Roots- Michael Hoggard & Sheila Zilinsky".
    It helps to get your head on straight… Must watch!

  3. Talonman007 says:

    Doug Woodward would have been a good one to set us straight on the timing of the rapture….
    (Not Rob and Doug patting each other on the back for having it all figured out!)
    Post-tribbers… So sure they are correct, and so wrong.
    Doug Stauffer is the authority on the rapture.

  4. God bless you Bros. I was wondering if you guys could do a show on remote neural monitoring. I would much appreciate it thanks. God bless you and all of your listeners.

  5. clean, dry n intact. Silly☺????

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