World War 3 The Movie Part 2 of 10


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  1. The mad military man now is Vladimir Putin. 

  2. The sneaky way this was made is awesome, I'm enjoying it.

  3. How are all these people talking about the events leading up to World War 3 if everyone was obliterated in the nuclear exchange?  Did these people somehow survive the war and lived to talk about it later?

  4. TPTGopher says:

    4:50 They should have edited the conference shot to exclude Jaruzelski – given that he actually ceded power, if a Soviet regime so ruthless it would even take out its own members while going Tiananmen on the population had taken power, the only question is whether he and Lech Walesa would be shot together or separately.

  5. Albert Einstein said, "I don't know what weapons will be us ed to fight WWIII, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones."

  6. thomas price says:

    God this is well done, the way they tie out of context press conference quotes from Bush et al.

  7. Ken Havens says:

    lol this is silly, all of these "interview personalities" are hard line Repubs. Gorbechov was immensly popular, no way the KGB would have "resigned him"

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