World War 3 The Movie Part 7 of 10


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  1. Reactionary Lion perhaps the Soviets real target was not West Germany at all, but Northern Norway or even Alaska. These areas were more vanerable too attack  than West Germany was. If they had pushed into central Europe there was always the danger that NATO would of used battlefield nuclear weapons either intentionally or by accident. Justice one of those weapons in an instance of its use, could of wiped out an entire battalion of theirs. 

  2. nikemac84 says:

    This film is FINALLY getting exciting!!!

  3. MORE1500 says:

    Intelligence from satellites would have alerted NATO to Russia's primary objective and made the diversion in the Baltics unsuccessful.

    Still, this documentary is well done.  Kind of reminds me of, 'The Day After'.

  4. that stupid straight legged march looks and is ridiculous! good way to screw up your knees feet and hips.

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