World War 3 : The Russian Bear of Gog prepares for War with the Beast over Ukraine (Nov 14, 2014)


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  1. Russias Putin should have the balls to call out the U.S. in a war and not play mind games.Israel and the supernatural power of God is gonna crush Russia into nothing when these idiots invade them radical islam will be slammed hard as well for tryin to destroy Israel.Putins chicken little ass should read Ezicial 38 and 39 it's proof he's gonna get his ass grilled but instead he's gonna learn the hard way what Gods power is all about.As far as using nukes cowards use nukes cuz the army of Iran syria Russia Turkey and other cowards out there don't wanna dare face The U.S. and Israel and any other allie of ours face to face in an all out gun fight.launching nukes from affar off to destroy a country is cowardly Putins a big Coward and Obama should be a man and stand up to these bullies.

  2. American back yard? Fuck you!
    America created nazi military coup in UKRAINE – part of russian world!

  3. the beast the cannibal beast has started demonising putin and russia to start his bloody war like he has demonised saddam hussein and irak and kaddafi and lybia and assad and syria to lunch his cannibal war against them to massacre and devour.the beast has his agenda and plans since a long time to lunch this war his final war to bring the real beast the 666 to rule this's all a luciferian plan an ancient luciferian plan to dominate and rule the world.and lucifer worshipers have now gained the power to carry out this plan and lunch their bloody war against russia to start their war their big's all a pretext like what they did against saddam hussein and kaddafi to invade and shed the blood destroy and's all a luciferian plan an old luciferian plan.russia and putin are not searching the war but the beast is so bloodthirsty.

  4. While we are here, please share the Love of the Spirit of God. The Son of God will pray to the Father that we may have the Spirit of God for a Teacher and Comforter Forever in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26… The Messiah has not left us alone…. Peace

  5. World War 3 : The Russian Bear of Gog prepares fo…:

  6. war is coming and 1/3 of mankind will die…………GET READY PEOPLE!! BE PREPARED!!

  7. What makes everyone think this is any different then Russian/U.S. Geopolitical movements/tactics in the past?  They've been playing this game since WW2 where they pretend to be adversaries in order to spread their colonial hegemony over various nations.  The Cold War involved many dangerous close counters of the nuclear kind, both countries using South America and Europe as their playgrounds, really, what's the difference now?  Or was everyone asleep the past 50 years?

  8. free speech says:

    Американцы!!! Остановите в своей стране полицейский режим. Неадекватные политиканы готовы развязать ядерный конфликт. Это реальный анализ обстановки в мире. Это будет иметь катастрофические последствия для Северо-Американского континента. Расположение тектонических разломов и Йеллоустона исключает возможность выживания людей 
    Все это давно изучено еще во времена советского союза Средства ПРО США не предназначены для перехвата маневрирующих, летящих со множеством ложных целей, а на конечном участке на гиперзвуке боеголовок. На начальной траектории так же невозможно перехватить, это исключает наличие средств ПВО, РЭБ, а также маневренных и маскирующих особенностей комплексов "Тополь", "Ярс", новых ракетоносцев России. Причем количество только официально несущих БМР подводных крейсеров в России достигло 15 шт. против американских 14! А еще есть новые подлодки Китая, который навряд ли не будет участвовать в крупномасштабном конфликте! Смотрите на вещи реально, а не через линзу пропаганды развязанной в вашей стране! Исключите элементы фантастики навязанные вам режимом! Не будет выжженных пустынь и перехватов ракет! Будет крупномасштабная тектоническая активность континента и частичное разрушение! Выживание в таких условиях НЕВОЗМОЖНО!!!

  9. World War 3 : The Russian Bear of Gog prepares fo…:

  10. why cant everyone just join together?

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