World War 3? The United States And Russia Are Perilously Close To Nuclear War


In this episode Michael discusses the possibility of war with Russia. Today we are closer to World War 3 than we have been at any time since the end of the Cold …


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  1. Nigel Maund says:

    This is a fight of good (the Russians believe it or not) against consummate evil in the New World Order Globalist Banksters and corporatists represented by the US and NATO (EU). The Americans and Europeans have been gulled by a pervasive and totally corrupt mainstream media into believing their propaganda unquestioningly whilst they demonize those who are actually in the right! It's all fantastic but true – remember Nazi Germany in 1937 – 1939 well folks were all here and now on the wrong side of human justice!

  2. Cold Fyre says:

    Just answer me 1 question. WTF is USA and Britain doing prevoking russia? Its the people who will die and NOT the fucking politicians who cause it! They are utter psycopaths, the lot of them. What are they playing at! They dont give a toss if we die or not!!!

  3. Time has come for USA to pay for its misdeeds…

  4. Chase Arnold says:

    I hate the fact that I'm disappointed to call myself an American… And I definitely hate the possibility of dying from a nuclear war because of America's wrong doings

  5. The Clinton campaign and the DNC rigged the election to incite violence at trump rallies to make trump look bad smh

  6. Oil isn't as important to Russia, as it is to the US. The Russian economy is valued using Gold.
    The US economy on the other hand is valued using Oil.
    why do you think the Iraq war happened when the US was in a financial crisis.
    Same is happening again, but this time, it's Russia's oil the US is trying to steal..
    The US has been bombing Syrians and has managed to destabilize the country, just like they did with Iraq.. isn't it time the US stopped funding an endless war and stopping trying to be the "worlds police force" for it's greed?..

  7. James Howard says:

    You are so right SIR! We use to sing a song….Three Cheers for the red, white, and blue! All you sins are coming right back down on YOU! 3 Cheers for the red, white, and blue….You turned your back on GOD and now He'll turn His back on YOU! (Get right with your maker NOW. Their MIRVs are hovering above our heads already. Its like a mini space station that can launch supersonic missiles ANYWHERE into North America in minutes). While our government officials have been lining their pockets with Lobbyist money, and our government has b letting the Money Men rape us financially…Russia has been busy preparing as they were watching our dangerous leadership and what THEY might try to do! (They are prepared for it …..we are not)

  8. Game Brain G says:

    would the UK get nuked by Russia since we're allied to the US? one nuke on London would destroy our whole little country!!!

  9. Jesus is dead and he isnot coming back.

  10. You Jesus freaks are as much to blame for the general situation as the people you criticize. Perhaps even more so. You guys love to spread fear as much as those with their fingers on the buttons.

  11. NFOPlanet says:

    Yes, it's true we must consider Jesus big time, however, it is not a reason to claim no man can help, God can use men for his plans until the time arrives for Jesus. Voting for Mr. Trump is literally taking the chance to stop Hillary and Obama's Tyranny. Nobody knows exactly how God will do it, so we are better to work actively to help ourselves instead of being passive and just waiting for God.

  12. background thumping noise ruins the video

  13. Max Bosco says:

    Damn are you fine? Your skin it's deadly pale O_o

  14. Damjanhd says:

    Until you start to talk about Jesus was all ok, agter that I turned off!

  15. Steenk says:

    This chap looks like a poorly paid but enthusiastic useful Kremlin idiot :-)

  16. Well, this certainly went down hill immediately after he mentioned (ancient alien) Jesus Christ, and he started to exhibit mental illness past this point…Thanks a lot for wasting my precious time…my lawyer will be in touch!

  17. Joe Schmoe says:

    No. we are not close to war.

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