World war 3 this is how it will start warning..!!!


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  1. bondbond611 says:

    Taiwan is not a country and they are not against the China in militrilised south china se because they hold the biggest habitat island there. It's US and Japan which are so far away from that part of the sea stirring up tensions and conflicts. Even Philipines is not complaining anymore and want closer ties with China, so the main threat of WW3 remains in Middle East and Nato and Russia.

  2. Bible clearly states that nobody will see it coming!! Destroyed by fire!! In one hour in one day!! clearly there is a fight between good and evil right now in front of your face!! Time to End,, the Human race!! It was a fucked up cruel experiment by the gods, now they get to keep your soul in Hell, I was there in a dream a few nights ago, in Hell, Please Jesus Forgive me of all my sins, i don''t want to go there, it was so real and i couldn't get out.

  3. Usa is so divided!! Jew world Order!! USA is so overcrowded!! War Will come!! Earthquakes and Flesh eating disease. So nuke the JewSA!! and the jews and mooslam!! And Europe!! praise Jesus Christ On to the next step!!.

  4. than let us have ww3 and get it over !

  5. it's so good to hear from our old friends the USSR & the boys & girls in the disinformation department.

  6. Fake crap, Paul pack it up with your click bait BS

  7. adam goodman says:

    "Israel close Allie to Saudi Arabia" I nearly pissed my pants LAUGHING at THAT.

  8. ma perché l'Italia deve partecipare ha, questa catastrofe?? noi non abbiamo centinaia di mil.di abitanti. è soldati.vedremo.

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