World War 3 to begin? – – Keynote Address – Helga Zepp-LaRouche Webcast, Feb 11, 2012


I just received this link today from another brother. So, I decided to download it and asked for Larouche permission if I could post it here. Why? Because it is very …


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  1. TheQandA4U says:

    Galactic Federation will protect us ??? Tell det 2wat's left of d' familias of Hiroshima 'n Nagasaki. Perhaps G.F. were having there outhouse break at 'd time of those events. Besides , war or no war, it's evac situation time cause the sun's gonna implode & black hole all, soon enough anyway. – ; )

  2. @Eintr3eipied8 Good way to put it Eintr3eipied8.

  3. dougat says:

    @KellyNUTS It will…unfortunately!

  4. lmax88 says:

    thats religion. leave religion out of war because thats how most wars occured.

  5. 1111aitken says:

    IF the 'galactic fed.' interfers is to impose their own agenda
    dont trust anyone but your own self, even then…doubt everything and doubt again..

  6. TheShinobi32 says:

    It's never going to happen and you know this how,i quess you think you can you see into the future and it does not take a genious to know that it will more than likely happen,for one thing read revelations in the bible and just look at all of the things unfolding today with the nations and in the bible it says it will be nations against nations and it talks about a battle-war that will last 5 months.

  7. Lima Costa says:

    Millions of Evangelical Christians Want to Start WWIII to Speed the "Second Coming of Christ" h t t p : / / w w t m (copy and past to your browse, delete spaces)

  8. Nancy Bisset says:

    Powerful Chat from Helga. Sounds like she has the answer 'Stop being a troubled-teen and grow up to the adult you could be.' Anyone that can expound on the 49:00 —> all about the what Oligarchy is blew me away. Why the model associated parts of this system to name a few: Greenism, Mother Nature, Gaia, environment, the conversations of limited resource +++ the other things named.Do not even know what to ask. Naming Mother Nature threw me for a loop ;-)) Help. Thanks!

  9. Peter Parker says:

    Yep blame the UK again. We should be working on fix our own broken country not starting ww3.
    O.K Time to wake up all. Its all our goverments not just one.
    Iraq, Afghan, libya, < you ask us for help. We did.. You say we are wrong for it.
    Syria, we have not gone in as i know of. We are still in the wrong. All in all no matter what the uk does it is in the wrong. we can not win so we should just stay out of it.

    If Russia, China, Iran, Go to war with anyone its the end of everything we have built

  10. KellyNUTS says:

    bahahaha its bible toting maniacs that will try to make it happen. To try and fulfill their BS prophecy. LoL @ using the bible for evidence, take your sovereignty back FFS!
    If we were going to have a nuclear war dont u think it would have happened ages ago?
    Being on the verge of nuclear war makes the masses easier to control, post nuclear war I dont think TPTB would find it easier to control us! I mean look how easy the have had us in control for the last 2000 years with this bible nonsense ūüėÄ

  11. KellyNUTS says:

    plus, dont forget that a best slave is a slave that doesnt know he is one ūüėČ

  12. Me and you say no war, but the rest of these apathetic bogon's don't.

  13. gerri577 says:

    the roman empire never fell, in fact, it spread to the US under the pretense of "democracy".

  14. BligglesLoL says:

    ur a waste of a human vessel ur believes will b the end of u think and stop believing in a fabricated story that was used to control stupid fucks like u

  15. BligglesLoL says:

    i dont hate you i just think ur ignorant

  16. Jon LaLanne says:

    Please don't blame the anglo – saxon race when you know damn well who is behind all this madness……and Israel has nothing to do with this ???? Un fricking believable.In a time of deceit telling the truth can be a noble act.

  17. The greatest achievement of evil is that they created an addiction for money in the populations of the world. Money is like a medicine which doesn't heal but makes you addicted. This gets us to a low state with mere self-preservation. But self-preservation is a trap. Because it tends to preserve itself! World citizens can only beg and pray for help. Pray to whom? To the source of their own demise.

  18. Juliana Leo says:

    I know it might sounds a bit strange РArmageddon?  Рas so many have been hearing this for centuries, or for our generation;  the past decades.  We hear about the "end" through all sorts of media (Movies, video games, books, etc.) , that it becomes difficult to consider this being a real possibility.   And then consider that mankind in general has moved away from considering that there is a Higher Power like God?   Belief in a religion is almost a joke, because of how religions role has brought on war, incest, pedophiles, greed by television evangelizers РSO, who can you trust when the word of God has been represented so badly?? 

    Truth is, the Scriptural prophecies were meant as a warning for good reason, and goes back to the very beginning of mankind's existence.  While man was created with Free Will, it did mean that there would be a price to pay for this 'freedom'.  This Freedom has included the Right to Rule.   So, for those who believe in an Adam and Eve Рtheir choosing to exist without God's guidance, led to their being independent of Him.   And to this day, this Independence has led to centuries of rulership/kingship/governments that continue to bring everyone under a certain hardship Рthat is not fair for everyone.  While we may see a certain amount of Justice Рfor many, it is not inclusive.

    No matter how good or bad a society is – the rich rule, the poor exist – this has been the state of this planet since the very beginning.¬†¬† Knowing this would exist – God did offer an end to This Manmade existence…and this has been written in the Scriptures for good reason.¬†¬† Because eventually –¬†How we live will and ¬†could wipe out any existence of mankind, as so many historians have discovered.¬† (and this is in a nutshell, but I have studied this for good reason)

    Truth is РThe whole book of the Bible Рis in reality; about the establishment of a Government that will never be brought to Ruin.  Daniel 2:44    It's about how a certain group of people who recognize God's Kingdom as being the only answer for our problems.  Psalms 37:10,11    It's about how studying God's word will bring this truth to light for those who want to Learn   John 17:3   And the end result is what is written in Revelation 21:4,5 Рan end to sickness, war, death, misery, and a reestablishment of the promise that was originally promised back in Eden.

    The Whole Bible has been a guidebook for mankind in order for people РALL people Рto understand the attributes of our Creator, to understand why he offered his Son Jesus as a ransom for our sins, to understand how He deals with injustice with his people such as the nation of Israelites & other nations,  as in the Hebrew scriptures, and the promise of a new world shared in the Greek Scriptures through the preaching work by Jesus and His apostles/disciples.  

    Each book has been a work of insights so that ALL could begin to understand How God Works Рthey have never been a series of good stories.  There is a real evil force, called Satan (and his minions).  And this is shown in all it's aspects.  As well as those who endured during their lifetime. 

    2 Timothy 3:16 Рit has been a guidebook offered from God, out of love for mankind Рso that we can become aware of why this world is in the state of being on the brink of it's demise Рand why He will soon bring an End to this Evil that exists.  Just because we inherited the sin of our original parents Рdoes not mean that He doesn't offer a way out for those who want to live in a Good world. – a wonderful website to help you learn about God's Word – and a way out of this world's destruction.ÔĽŅ

  19. Man Manam says:


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