World War 3 : U.S. flies B-52 over South Korea after North’s Nuclear Test (Jan 10, 2016)


News Articles: U.S. Flies B-52 Bomber Over South Korea in ‘Demonstration’ After North’s H-Bomb Claim …


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  1. Angel Ybarra says:

    the kettle is boiling and ready to blow

  2. World war 3 is on the rise may God have mercy on us

  3. Austin Bell says:

    Rom 3:23 – Acts 16:31 – John 3:16 – 1 peter 1:5 – 1 cor 15 1:4 – 1 peter 1:18-19

  4. LemonDrop says:

    South Korea is free and a first world country like Japan. North Korea is a third world cesspool like Cuba.

  5. Kathryn1209 says:

    Excellent videos☺

  6. Black A.M says:

    yeah it's going to happen No Stopping it.

  7. The General says:

    Obama's legacy doesnt end with his presidential term. Obama is campaigning to become Secretary General of the UN, which will make him the leader of the UN.

  8. Good job. Honestly, i rather be ruled by America or any other civilized western state instead of a country like N.Korea.

  9. JPLMONEY23 says:

    Dennis Rodman should be ashamed for calling himself an American if he thinks his BFF is a good guy.

  10. 3DGansta says:

    And the Alphamites say……..?

  11. pete z says:

    prepared praying for it!!

  12. Our government really needs to stop being hypocritical. Flying over South Korea after the North does testing is Terrorism to the South Koreans. I'd be terrorized if Canada started bomb testing and flying over the US. This stuff is all BS, taunting to strike fear or retaliations. Control through fear of man. Its childish.

  13. Anico Smith says:

    America can not win

  14. I think the USA would end north Korea's threat by dropping two nuclear bomb in strategic targets. Their no ww3. God is good. 

  15. Priscilla Ly says:

    call upon jesus say jesus save me take my life in your hands now in jesus name and gods perfect love cast out fear feed on that love for those who have jesus bless from down under austraila were praying for you all and all country's

  16. yeah right.. North Korea shot and killed several south Koreans recently and no one did a darn thing… bunch of nonsense

  17. Typical all the turmoil in the word is the USA fault, yet they run to others to fix the problem soon enough the problem will be unfixable 2016 is going to be a very bad year God bless

  18. PREPARE your Heart, Mind, Eyes, and Senses for those things coming upon the Earth so you may stand in Faith and not in the Reports of men.peace

  19. David Diaz says:

    WW3 is almost here, either you like it or not, believe it or not. its still coming.

  20. but who the heck will help out north korea?

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