World war 3 update


World war 3 update.


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  1. jerrye2000 says:

    I agree with Alan didn't mean anything to me either.

  2. Bookhermit says:

    As usual, worthless info.  Sure, there's plenty of truth mixed in, but it's ALL the western elites running things, the brits lost their special place, and now it's just a matter of who controls the most money.  Obama is meaningless – ANYONE elected from either major party will do the same.  And thinking anyone can challenge that 2-party system at this point is totally bonkers.  We simply have to hope that sane people are ready and willing to pounce once WW3 becomes a reality.

  3. EYM says:

    Russia are monkey with nukes!!! It has to be removed!

  4. EYM says:

    btw Syria is not a US war, its a country russia uses to destibilize middle east to prevent their trade with europe

  5. This I shit how the fuck are we suppose to understand what he's saying ? Dickhead !!

  6. gasher hippo says:

    who is this nob at the beginning, she obviously chose the clips she wanted in this crap. soviet powers are just using bully boy tactics, great Britain will always remain a power to be reckoned with and as for other countries they should grow balls and send land troops through the Ukraine and kick butt.

  7. Ethan Venola says:

    When in doubt remember yolo 

  8. This Women is a fucking nutter.

  9. Rick Bolton says:

    putin is part of the bigger picture of the global movement, still being carved by the elite. he would be dead by now if not!!!

  10. R WARRIOR says:

    Never trust a woman that talks out of the side of her face.

  11. andrew apple says:

    YOU ARE A CRAZY BITCH!!!!!!!! no one really as the balls to end the world whit all out nuclear war

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