WORLD WAR 3 update: 300,000 NATO troops on high ALERT



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  1. Lyndon Eaton says:

    nice report. please practice before speaking, and watch the language

  2. TREX LEX says:


  3. Just as in ww1 and in ww2, the Kazharian Mafia is orchestrating ww3 that could again bring about the violent deaths of tens of millions of Ancestral White Europeans and Russians. Whilst they look from above, laugh, and once again rub their bloody hands in excitement for they know that every big War they create it will be easier for them to control this world. The motivation is to have less Ancestral Europeans, which was and still is their major hinderance to total domination. The same Kazharian Mafia, through their appointed Kazhar stooges in Immigration positions of each country, is active in flooding Europe with millions of violent rapefugees. Again as in ww1 and ww2, they main players are of Kazharian descent. Stalin, Hitler, Churchill and Roosevelt all had something in common, Kazharian descent, you check for yourself. Putin is of Kazharian roots as well (mother name Shalomova),as was Stalin, as was Lenin. Under these "Russian" Kazhars, the Christian Russian nation lost up to 50 million of its citizens in the Gulags and by other brutal ways. Not to mention the tens of millions they lost through ww1 and ww2. And the dozens of millions of Western and Balkan Europeans. The west and NATO off course have been infested by parasitic Kazharian leaders and chiefs that are drumming up War, preparing young European mainly white males into a constructed threat of war. on the other side is Kazhar Putin leading the russian young mainly white males into the threat of war. The result will be clear if War comes. Again the White Ancestral population of Europe will be decimated and this time it will be final. So all males of Europe and Russia, do not go to War for the Kazharian Mafia anymore. Know who your real enemy is, only then can you target him and liberate yourself..

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