World war 3 Update & Death of Petrodollar – X22 Report Interview


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  1. Sparkle Art says:

    i hope to see change this year, tired of this propaganda life

  2. Jenna T says:

    Daves spot on!! Great interview guys as always :)

  3. jmcarp98 says:

    Awesome interview.

  4. Love Dave's breakdowns!

  5. KoiPondPeppy says:

    Great interview!!! Fantastic! I love X22 Report and this interview was a wonderful current history lesson and breakdown of what's going on.

  6. BorderGuards says:

    check your connection, the sound is terrible

  7. all 100% true the last card that's left is the aliens

  8. djoh652864 says:

    This is one of the best breakdown of what is going on you are going to find on the net. This is like a rabid dog getting more rabid until the disease just kill them.I hear pretty good maybe your connection is bad

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