World War 3 Update: New weapons of WW3 Part 1 what are they going to be?


I go through some new weapons that you may or may not have heard of, and some that are definitely in ? the pipeline .


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  1. The Warning was banned from channel for religious propaganda and excessive rapture.
    Pamp Suisse Los Angeles – you need to look at your google plus settings because I cant reply!

  2. dk keaux says:

    Lets talk about your analogy of a hand grenade that would be a mini nuke, how about we use the analogy of a grenade launcher, cause I don't think the hand grenade could be thrown far enough to keep the soldier and the rest of his squad alive with a mini nuke HAND grenade :)

  3. kbbacon says:

    I also expect a resurgence of the neutron bomb. Clean and effective without damaging buildings.

  4. Great video,  Interesting spectrum of weapons you talked about. 
    Question: Is it better for you, if we (your subs) watch all of the advertisements that appear on your channel. If we don’t press skip & watch the whole commercial does that benefit you monetarily? I’ve heard you talk about your pension situation, just wondering if watching them helps you. Thank you

  5. WW3 is a depopulation plan. Get involved with the truth

  6. ronald sykes says:

    na, they like wrecking shit,  otherwise its no fun  ask harry?

  7. freeyesmaybe says:

    love the show,    mite like

  8. The most dangerous weapon is MSM, weapons of mass distortion, which are keeping the truth hidden from the masses. 

  9. Rob Eells says:

    I'm also thinking the neutron bomb will make a comeback.

  10. um…no! man, you should actually read up on things before you discuss them. 
    1) the project ADAM "laser". is actually a directed energy weapon. it uses microwaves to heat an object, much like a laser. but no beam of light, beyond video animations. and unlike a laser, which focuses photons onto a target. which build up as heat on the surface. the microwave beam works much like your microwave at home. the microwaves excite water molecules in the material. causing extreme heat buildup within the material. also, to date, using various versions of our directed energy systems. we've hit missiles, drones, boats, land vehicles, and ICBM's. not to bad…
     btw, the picture is showing you the system in developmental stages. of course there is tons of equipment. half of it is to study the systems performance in detail. the combat version will be much more refined. and it is expected to jump from the test bad 25 kw. to a staggering 150 kw. ( don't quote me, but i'm pretty sure thats close ). buy, the navy expects to be fielding the larger version by 2019. and the new predator D ( coming in 2016 ) will come capable of carrying a smaller version in a pod form. 
    2) our hypersonic missile program is much further along than you're aware. last year, we tested the " Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle 2 ". which gives us a within 1 hour response time. 
    3) the main reason we're designing human-like robots ( among many others ). is because they'll with very closely with humans. they'll sue our tools, ride in our vehicles and etc… thus, a human form makes sense. remember, those robots are expected to do what our bodies have evolved over millions of years to do. 
    4) as for you digger idea… um… no! those things dig by grinding up the rock in front of them, at a rate of a few inches per hour. not only would the ground sensors detect it from many miles away. but it would takes years to traverse a few miles. your tunnel crew would pop up out of the ground and the war would have ended already, lol…

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