World War 3 Update – Tensions Continue To Grow Across The Globe


Lots happening across the globe as tensions continue to mount between nuclear superpowers.


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  1. paul short says:

    that can just pop up out of the water and show you all that he can do it.

  2. America will soon be destroyed thus saith the LORD

  3. Daniel James says:

    Great Job,I feel the same on situation and here in San Antonio,Texas I noticed that the government are putting gates in between the buildings so no one can get in except the occupants ,no access for police and other emergency services..just Looks Strange…so if the Muslim immigrants are disappearing into these towns …that would be a good place to house them for future orders..because there is No Reason to put those gates up…so Everyone check the bigger housing area's and let us Know if potential immigrant housing is or could be happening in your city.. Keep us posted Thanks

  4. MattDollars says:

    Thus war isnt going to start media cant start a world war

  5. I dont understand. Of Obama is Muslim then why is he being supported by jewish/zionist run US media. Plus if he is a muslim, then why is he in the illuminati? Didnt illuminati do the terrorist attacks like 9/11 or the mass shootings? Someone please clear it up. I thought illuminati wants to use muslims and jews to kill each other and enslave the peaceful christians. So why?

  6. This is not going to happen. We must stay positive and not focus on war.

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