World War 3 Update U.S. Claims to Intensify Airstrikes On ISIS


World War 3 In this update we discuss the mainstream media ‘s claim that the Kurds have launched a major offensive to take Sinjar by ISIS with US air strikes .


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  1. Sub! Like your work and the info you provide in your channel???

  2. The world is in such a state of chaos due to the way it's been mismanaged behind the scenes of government by agencies and the elite, that they have no idea anymore who their allies are or are not.
    It changes almost monthly now, as to whom is fighting with who.
    What I think needs to be made very clear, is that what's being referred to as the American government is not the American government and has not been for decades if not longer.
    The American government does not represent it's people, quite the contrary as a matter of fact.
    The American government was infiltrated a long time ago, and has had hidden agenda's that had nothing to do what was best for the nation or it's people.

    It has finally come to bear down on the infiltrators, those with no loyalty to the United States of America, but have been using the government to work toward their own agenda's. There are numerous levels to this corruption and infiltrators working together to control the world economics in commerce and trade, by securing oil rich lands, and other commodities worldwide.

    Many wallets have been lined with the extortion of others as hush money or let it slide under the carpet money to push their agenda through the cracks and crevices left open like an unlocked back door.

    The reason we find ourselves at the very tipping point of a world war is due to mistakes made by the elite and those who are doing their bidding,,, as they manoeuvred the wealth and power around securing this, that, and the other thing, they didn't keep a watchful eye open on those they could not control, and,,, they thought they had them side tracked enough by creating dissidence close to their op-poser's borders, like Ukraine and Russia for instance.
    Also their use of Isis, Isil, Al Qaeda, in the middle east, Europe, and other nations including here on the North American Continent. With all the balls in the air and juggling like a wild circus clown, they started to drop things, lost their balance, and lost control.
    While they we're losing it, Russia and China formed their own currency,.. What that did was allow other nations who had been held down or manipulated by the elite, all of a sudden a new economic venue to establish trade and negotiations, for their own natural resources and means of wealth in commerce.

    With Russia and China allied they form the largest super power covering more territory globally than any other allied nations. The elite are done, they cannot overcome this power which leaves them few options.

    One would be to negotiate terms, agreements with Russia and China on the world markets.
    Two would be to try and manipulate the markets to gain their control back,
    Three, a world war which could have a number of endings.

    If the elite,and Zionists come to the conclusion that they will lose their wealth, their positions on the world stage, they will secure their assets in monetary means, gold, silver what have you, and watch the rest go up in flames.
    They will destroy what's left rather than do anything dignified, and we will suffer at their hand one last time.
    They under estimated Russia's ability to rebuild so fast after the collapse in the 90's, and they underestimated China's ability to rise to the top in industrial manufacturing that they could not control.

    They under estimated Russia backing up what they said they would do when they went into Syria, as a result they have been crushed under their own weight and no one left to support them.
    It seems at long last the elite who have manipulated every country on the planet, stole from, caused war in, and guilty of mass genocide and other war crimes may be done with no plays left in the book.
    Who knows for sure right now. We will see.

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