World War 3 Update


Awhile ago I was criticized , again , for sharing that I had thought that we would soon see the greatest war of our lives if we did not return to love . ..


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  1. Smokeywsr says:

    I agree with you on letting love be our main focus, but on another note, it has already been written how this world will come to an end. For any one of us to think, i believe, that we can change what is coming, concerning war, it would than bring void to God's word. And brother, God's Word will never return to
    Him void. So I rather pray for courage to stand firm in Christ and for His love to be my attitude through the trying times ahead. God bless you brother.

  2. hahahah really pray to your peace god hahahah

  3. let us put our hope in Him who has saved us all, that peace will be victorious.

  4. Oskar Ek says:

    sorry guys we are fucked

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