World War 3


World War 3 video I made when I was bored . Music used in order – Adagio for Strings – Sun Kil Moon , Blue Heron – Requiem for a Dream – Gary Jules , Mad …


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  1. Даже на видео америкосы сперва убивают граждан РФ,а затем когда армия РФ начинает их защищать,то они их убивают.Америка "добрая" нация

  2. … russians will own all  for sure …..

  3. ARUN C MENON says:

    please mention the name of that game in which we play as a Russian soldier with red cap


  5. well guys America and Russian are a cross the global so it would be better not to fight but it's fair fight.

  6. shark haxor says:

    2020 crap I'm gonna be a us marine by then well looks like I won't make it home

  7. us would lose Europe would die Russia would die us would die so the winner is NO ONE 
    and the US and Russia would kill everyone no offence but if there wount be nuclear war well Russia or US would just bomb the shit out of everything then the nukes would come out

  8. Hahahahaha America's totally fucked Canada no way Russia yea of course both Russia and America are one of the most idiotic countries in the world too many idiots for sure. But for America its going to be ironic as hell.

  9. the homie says:

    Just because this video shows chaos in a fast-paced manor doesn't mean there will be total destruction. To be honest America will win because just c'mon look at our army, alongside 20 other medium armies (the UN).

  10. whats is the title of the intro music?? from 0:001:15

  11. MrHrimturs says:

    Музыка из Homeworld 2 в начале ))

  12. เข้ามาดูเพราะ " อยากรู้ " นะครับ ! ……. ผมไม่ใช่พวกบ้าสงคราม เกมส์อะไร ผมก็เล่นไม่เป็น !! …….

  13. usa has the most well trained army in the world and over 5000 nukes but just act like bitches who dont want war when there in war with over 100 countries

  14. USA IS NOT STRONG, some terror stricken

  15. MrSpadeofAce says:

    ww3 will have no winners , we will all die , especially if nukes are involved

  16. guys no one ever wins war cause In the end we killed each other for probably stupid reasons and we will suffer with the aftermath whether it's nuclear fallout or some shit the point is it is not worth it people will die cities will be decimated war is something that no one will never win because their may not be anyone left when the wars over

  17. And where is Algeria?
    9th Largest Manpower in the world
    We had a nuclear program in 1983 that was only discovered in 1991
    and the dude speaking about the F-22
    We have S-400s that will take them down 400km away
    We have Su-30MKA
    We have ordered KA-52,MI-28NE and 19 PAK FA for 2019

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