World War 4 Has Begun

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  1. Ray Carrion says:

    Amen, Alex. Alex for president.

  2. daghost0586 says:

    Hey Alex they just shot up Walmart in Wilkes barre, Pennsylvania with ak-47's we need more good men and women to have permits to carry firearms so when we get Isis scumbags like these ones with ak-47's we can stop them before families lives are killed an destroyed!

  3. daghost0586 says:

    Family lives matter!

  4. When people start to wake up and realise that most of the mass shootings if not all of them under Obamas administration have been hoax designed to take your guns and they start taking to the streets in mass protest this BS might change. If people keep denying these facts and keep letting the government do as they will they will win.

  5. Censorfags in action

  6. TheMeatwade says:

    personally I think a majority of the shootings are staged/faked it's too odd that in the last term with Obama he said it himself that he was disappointed that he couldn't implement gun control then all of a sudden there are multiple shootings one after the other and when you actually look at the details of the shootings most do not add up I for one am not buying it.

  7. Randy Hauck says:

    can't believe I missed ww3

  8. O Teu Canal says:

    Did the 3rd world war happen and i wasn´t present… damn….

  9. How did I miss World War 3?

  10. why does GCN (the network that controls infowars) have links with ABC?

  11. oh pillars of Satans stars Amen Donalld , er and yeah Donald , 4th amendment? I mean really only a Lawyer with Great teeth that may or may not be false flack gets hot on the retina scanner, I guess Jens Stolen is taller than Ghani? So'ees yeah , interesting to hear about the Olympiad commissars next assault upon driving the poor out of their caves to
    serve the "Games" . Wow yeah and the 7th fleet who would wanna lose it with self assured bravado in the China, and I love France, their eco village isn't perfect yet in emissive tech , but railways go bang, it's fireworks day for the hallowed and the success of staying state isn't always abandoning all faith in the plural.I,m getting more portly now. I,m gonna watch some car's now.

  12. robinchwan says:

    if they have to use scare tactics or use forcefull measures…. you can be sure that they are doing something behnd your back! if they do it with peacefull measures… i'm not so sure… and peacefull measures means everyone agrees everyone.. every man woman and child! if 1 vote say no.. well you know what's up.. they won't let youhave control!

  13. World war 4? no no u mean WORLD WAR 3 AMERICA VS. RUSSIA! NUCLEAR WAR! 2016-2017!

  14. LikaPyramid says:

    I'm a big fan of the show and watch/ listen to it daily so i've come before you with what i think is an important message. The one thing you guys are dead wrong about is the whole refugee situation, you guys have some critical points and opinions but sometimes, you guys go way to far with the anti Islamic propaganda. Infowars seems only be able to put out a negative word about the refugees when there are way more positive things to cover. In Holland we got all kinds of local organisations at for example a baseball field where refugee kids can play along and learn to know the other kids. I must also say that there is way more agressivensess, and violence against the islamic refugees by self proclaimed Christians then the other way around. In the last 2 months there were 3 sick attacks and that’s only in Germany. A 5 year old boy got kidnapped from a refugee camp and was later found murdered in the back of a car. A right wing Christian guy went into a school with many kids from ex migrants and massacared 4 people including an 11 year old. And whats even worse is that al the right wing ‘’christians’’ set refugee centers on fire at night while they are asleep. Why is there no single fuckin report on infowars of this but when a refugee drops a soda can they spend all their prescious time on it. WTF INFOWARS WTF I must say that i do not fully agree with taking in all these people and certainly don’t agree with the way theyre bringing them in, everyone can just pass the border if they wangt to, ofcourse this is retarded but the kind of reports infowars is covering is just a pure and blunt ignorant impulsive anti Islamic nazi eugenic divide and conquer game, nothing more nothing less. You people from infowars claim to be for unity and freedom while you are rather putting people against eachother, STOP DIVIDING ALEX AND START UNITING, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MULTICULTURALISM, IF YOU’D PUT 500 WESTERN CHRISTIAN MEN ALL IN ONE CRAPPY FILTHY PLACE IN A SMALL TOWN WHAT WOULD HAPPEN HUH ? that’s what I thought.
    I'm European (Dutch) and there is nothing wrong with the refugees ! I've seen some and they are ordinary people like us doing their thing only they're looking down at the road, they are broken and ofcourse some are mad and why would they? Most of us voted for corrupt gangsters who decided to destabilize the entire Middle East and Afrika for corporate, financial and political interests all based on the excuse of a proven false flag attack. They've litterly aided extremist terrorist organizations throughout the regions, (You even confirm this) is that not a reason to be mad about? heck! if i was one of those refugees i would not only sue them for bad food and slow money but i would sue them for everything they had done to my entire country!
    All those people who were living there, so many innocent lives, all their family members, friends, fellow citizens being brutally savaged in every way, shape or form and if those who managed to escape and had to go through the hard traveling to come here are here then the least we can do is help them and give them shelter, not?, of course the security measures are bad and there are probably some sick weirdos in those refugee camps but these are minorities just like any other culture has. Everything should have been better and we all know that this whole migrant crisis was probably planned before to create even more divide and conquer by the sudden forced and intense mixing of cultures and religions but aren’t your videos and posts helping this NWO of divide and conquer? I hardly see anything decent in your reports like something that would stimulate the connection between the western people and all the south-eastern refugees instead of all the hateful fearporn the mainstream media has been pushing for ages, now theyre being polite and its wrong AGAIN I don’t get you guys, think about it. It’s very brutal to redicule the whole refugee situation, especially all the anti-islam fearporn bullshit. All the refugees (christians muslims, jews and atheists) who have been victimized by horrible people whose satanic actions and power only exist because of that same very ignorance will not feel better because of these reports. Over half of all the refugees who are/coming here (also in my hometown) are christian so the whole idea of europe being dominated by islam and the ohw so great chirstian western culture being drowned down the drain is ridiculous, retarded and a pathetic insult to all the chirstians over here themselves. the only people who say this kind of unenlightened bullshit are a bunch of lowlife racist right wing extremist neo nazis, no ordinary citizen of Europe would honestly even think like that, maybe as a joke but not for real, no, just no. People need to come together for together, a united and consciouss humanity is the only thing that can legitimately fight the upper 1 %, the conspirators, the modern day illuminati and their tyranny !

  15. Duke 49 says:

    What b***** Bs are they going to propose to get our guns enlighten me on how they think they can get our guns was a catastrophe there is no catastrophe on the face of the earth it will make people give up their guns is there

  16. world war 3 will be made of guns but…. world war 4 will be Made of sticks and stones
    I have read albert einstein's books what will happen

  17. The Sun says:

    The 1700's were such a simpler time.
    I remember it like it was yesterday

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