WORLD WAR DERP – Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Gameplay


XIX: “Shoot! Aw man, are you okay?” The man rushed over to Farinfoor and attempted to help the wincing and confused knight to his feet. Farinfoor withdrew at …


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  1. What was that acapella at the end?

  2. DOOM8976 says:

    Napoleon was 5'7"

  3. Luke Freet says:

    0:59 those 2 red guys …… shame on you all for not noticing those 2 bros charging into battle bro style


  5. This is giving me PTSD

  6. iGrr says:

    can someone link the whole livestream pls

  7. ayyy la mow strem budddeys!

  8. Nicktendo360 says:

    I love how James used my tweet at the end of the stream and didn't even quote me on it.

  9. This is what's known…..
    …… the U shape.

  10. That one dude got a tac nuke on you James

  11. theblaaa says:

    Well that explains that one livestream that went on forever

  12. Paul Yozsa says:

    I want more of these videos especially when the cannons DESTROYED their faces… literally

  13. EmmaFox says:


  14. shawn blair says:

    I watched an hour of that last stream expecting something to happen

  15. I tried to watch the stream of this and I can easiy say I was utterly disappointed. I was expecting actual funhaus content (pretty much what I got I suppose) only to find absolute trash. The genius who decided to put sanic music up made me actually contemplate what I'm doing with my life. Thanks.

  16. Teh Scrub says:

    Legend has it that war is still going on to this day.

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