WORLD WAR DUMB – Verdun Multiplayer Funny Moments


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20 Responses

  1. HanMorse says:

    Please help me get to 100 subs! sorry for self-advertising also I just want some feedback on my recent video.

  2. Why is his laugh like the greatest. Lofl. xD it's hilarious yet amazing

  3. Wanna know what's funny? BF1 is including the French army as a DLC…

    THE FRENCH ARMY…. AS A FUCKING. DLCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just loved the part in world war one where France was unlocked by paying 14.99 to EA.

  4. Resurrected says:

    Wow the new multiplayer add on to BO2 Origins looks fire. Keep up the work Nanners!

  5. het gameteam says:

    they are playing as the germans. and at 6:50 he says `THE DUTCH WONT STAND FOR IT` the dutch are not famous for theyre choclate. they famous for cheese and windmills

  6. Why is this video so much darker than Sark's?

  7. WALN Zell says:

    I'm pretty miffed with this game. Miffed.

  8. WALN Zell says:

    They're playing as Dutch soldiers? When were they added? If they were added in, where are the Americans?

  9. kinkajuu1 says:

    why is it racist to do chinese accents, but not racist to do french accents?

  10. mcspikesky says:

    Fun real world facts.
    Trenches in WW1 were often dug into groudn filled with the bdoies of your comrades.
    The blast holes you see between trenches were often 10ft+ deep and filled with water, it was too costly to risk saving a man who fell in.
    Men would be stuck on barb wire for hours often screaming for help but again, too risky to try and save them as they were often used as bait.

  11. Angel Ruiz says:

    Snorting Chocolate is a thing.

  12. The first 24 seconds killed me- ;u;

  13. Shane Huey says:

    is that gamesocietypimps?

  14. Turtle Gamer says:

    Woah this is the first ever gameplay I've seen of BattleField 1! It Looks amazing!

  15. Koryno says:

    Fun fact: The Battle Of Verdun went from February 21st 1916-December 18th 1916 almost a whole year.

  16. Trevor Gomez says:

    Germans actually called dutch soldiers chocolate soldiers bc they thought they were going to melt but they gave a huge amount of resistance. Also nanners you killed a guy with the name of the German top general (Erik Von Falkenheim or his son by the same name who did die in ww1)

  17. Daniel Butka says:

    Serbia must have some REALLY good chocolate!

  18. it wasnt peter it was alan.

  19. WWD rhymes with WW3

  20. Wolf Wraith says:

    Only Nanners can manage to be distracted by a corpse riding an invisible bicycle yet still get a kill with half his focus.

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